Advantages of Homogenous Computer Networks

Article by Steve Mannion on August 08, 2008
Steve Mannion
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Endsight is always adding new clients and taking over poorly constructed and managed computer networks. We're in a position to see companies that are trying to use and support multiple types of operating systems, software, and hardware. In many cases, it's one of the reasons that they reach out to an outsourced IT management company like ours since they don't have the expertise to manage the computer network that has evolved over time.

One of the first things we try to get through to our new clients is the need to standardize on one platform. When a computer network is homogenized it is much easier to support, maintain, and upgrade.

For a company like ours, economies of scale and standardization help to provide the great service our clients come to expect and provide us the resources needed to develop new services that help keep our clients and ourselves competitive.

Operating systems

While there's certainly a need to have Linux and Macintosh networks in some types of businesses the need is sometimes outweighed by the cost to support and maintain them. Complexities such as the lack of expertise, new hardware and software to support, and integrating networks with different operating systems can be cumbersome. For this reason, we recommend to 95% of businesses that a Windows computer network is their best option.


When clients are running different versions of software or completely different software altogether, the time and cost involved in supporting these different software applications can be extremely costly. Managing software licensing from purchasing software, setting it up on individual computer workstations, and upgrading software when necessary can provide a great advantage.


Businesses that purchase the same types of hardware spend significantly less on support and their employees are much more productive. Take the difference between business and personal desktops/laptops. Business desktops/laptops use hardware and software that's designed for business, and thus components like motherboards and sound cards are more standardized and reliable. On the software side, technical support issues commonly experienced due to faulty drivers or conflicts with other software are also greatly reduced for the same standardization.

Standardization and economies of scale help outsourced IT companies like Endsight provide best in class IT management. Just as other companies improve their business by doing one thing really well over and over, managing homogeneous computer networks allows us to become experts in your IT infrastructure so we can provide the best strategy and support for our clients.

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