High Performance Starts with Trust

Article by John Grover on April 16, 2019
John Grover
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When we have a trusting relationship with colleagues, we don’t need to convince others of our intentions. In a trusting organizational culture, we can avoid much of the bureaucracy and politics. In fact, studies show that trust affects economic and social developments. Trust bypasses many unconscious and cultural processes and allows us to get things done faster.




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America’s Most Trustworthy Companies Crush the S&P 500 (Trust Across America)  

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John Grover is the Chief People Officer and Owner of Endsight. John received his MBA from the University of Phoenix, a bachelor's degree from Auburn University, and earned technical certifications from both Microsoft and Cisco. He was also recently accepted into Harvard Business School's Certificate of Management Excellence program. John is a lifelong learner, constantly pursuing expanding his understanding both inside and outside the classroom. In addition to being an avid mountain biker and surfer, John is dedicated to reading over 50 books a year to improve himself as a leader, father, husband, and athlete. He is also passionate about empowering others to do the same. In the last year, John has written over 60 articles on such topics as leadership, company values, and learning.

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