No Power? No Problem When You Have Remote Desktop

Article by Josiah Branaman on April 21, 2015
Josiah Branaman
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In the summer of 2014, California had a serious earthquake in Napa resulting in power outages and caused many businesses to come to a screeching halt. For companies without private cloud services, this was a problem, but what would it look like if they had access to their work remotely? First, let’s look at what it looks like for typical businesses.

Businesses without private cloud are prone to weather risk

Besides ruined inventory for some businesses, there are several other costs. Depending on the business, a point of sale machine may be down and block incoming revenue. Depending on the sales team, excuses might arise as to why the quota was not met. Finally, the internet is down. Most of the workforce calls it a day, packs up and Instagram& pictures of their latte to inflict as much jealousy as possible of their day off.

Private cloud to the rescue

Most Californians don’t worry about earthquakes until they happen. Our clients who use our private cloud hosting services don’t really worry about earthquakes when they do happen. When taking advantage of our hosting service, our clients who lost power were able to access all their files, emails and servers through remote desktop. With this amount of productivity those same employees still Instagram their beautiful latte art, only our clients do so with a full day of work behind them.

Better private cloud protection

When a company hosts their own private cloud onsite, their functionality and security are subject to their location when a disaster like this strikes. When they invest in a private cloud with Endsight, they benefit from an earthquake safe facility and a company that can afford the infrastructure to ensure that safety.

When using remote desktop, location is your least concern. Your biggest concern is whether you tipped your barista.

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