The Hidden Security Risk That Could Hurt Your Business

Article by Josiah Branaman on March 19, 2015
Josiah Branaman
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A few years ago, a CBS report described an overlooked security risk in copy machines and printers.  More concerning than that – this problem has been around for 13 years and not much has changed. As of 2002, most printers and digital copiers contain hard drives. It is still relatively easy to acquire a used device that still has sensitive information on the hard drive.

3 measures to safeguard your sensitive data

1) Remove the hard drive before selling.

It takes a little research to locate the drive on your particular model, but it’s easy to remove with a screwdriver.

2) Look into a data security kit.

These nifty little tools will encrypt the data that is stored on your printer.

3) Contact your printer provider.

This is not a bonus notch to add to your security belt. This is a serious concern for your sensitive data. Create a process, get a screwdriver, and do what’s necessary to make sure your data is safe.

Our security process keeps issues like this one far away from our clients. If you want to learn more about what we can do specifically for your security, schedule a phone call or on-site demo.

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