IT Strategy & Continuous Assessment

"IT Strategy" is synonymous with "Planning."

Large corporations frequently employ a Chief Information Officer (CIO) who has overall responsibility for technology. The CIO provides strategic direction and manages the people, systems, and processes required to run a network effectively. Realistically, small businesses simply do not have the scale to afford such a role.  As a result, they tend to provide little management for the person or people managing their network, and often neglect the strategic attention and planning required.

With Endsight, every client is assigned a Technical Account Manager (TAM) to act as their company’s CIO.

 Key elements of "Planning" are:
  • Regular IT strategy meetings with your executive team
  • Analysis and advice on new technology decisions
  • Active planning for IT spending
  • Proactive analysis of network design and security
  • Assistance with disaster recovery planning and regulatory compliance
  • Linking overall business and IT needs
  • Review and discussion of network activity and reporting
  • Oversight and management of all aspects of the program your social media marketing partner
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