Systems Administration - Proactive Monitoring & Maintenance

We call our "Systems Administration," "Plumbing." Here's why:

Our customers want their computer network to run as reliably as their electricity or water. Yet, these utilities are delivered by a series of complicated back-end processes and procedures. How many of us think about the complexity associated with generating power and piping it across an intricate grid system so we can turn on lights?

In the same way, your computer network requires complicated, proactive maintenance tasks to remain reliable and secure. Certain tasks need to be performed in real-time, thus requiring expensive tools, while other tasks are performed in increments, which often mandate predefined processes.

Large companies have solved these issues by investing in teams of Systems Administrators paired with complex and expensive technology.

As an Endsight client, your business will benefit from the investments we’ve already made in tools, processes, and people.  We assign an entire department to your account called the Network Operations Center (NOC). This team uses our enterprise-class tools to make sure your network is as reliable and secure as it can be.

Your business takes advantage of our scale while you focus your own capital and energy on your core business.  

Key elements of "Plumbing" are:
  • Server and workstation monitoring
  • Antivirus and spyware quarantines
  • Management of service packs and hot-fixes for workstations and servers
  • Hardware and software asset inventory reporting for workstations and servers
  • Event log review
  • Backup job monitoring, review, and test restore
  • Critical service monitoring
  • Server cleaning, removal of temp files, etc.
  • Drive defragmentation for workstations and servers
  • Logging of fixes and maintenance performed
  • Configuration optimization
  • Security analysis and review of all servers
  • Check and maintain current maintenance contracts for all hardware
  • Backup and storage of router and firewall configurations
  • Monitoring of firewall (only available for some technologies)
  • Monitoring of VPN tunnels (only available for some technologies)
  • Check and update access policies of the firewall
  • Label and document network with applicable IP addresses, hostnames and serial numbers
  • Ensure proper firmware updates and patches are applied to solid state devices (firewalls, routers, and switches)
  • HIPAA or Sarbanes Oxley policy enforcement your social media marketing partner
“I am extremely pleased with the support we are getting with Endsight and have highly recommended you already to several people. I do not get hit with a lot of silly questions when I call you guys. The support person has always fully been aware of my system, the servers and software and just takes ownership of my issue as soon as I call. I almost feel like I do not even have to mention my problem. I just say what it is and it is immediately resolved. I have worked with other support companies and I end up spending a huge amount of time (every time I call) gathering hardware/software information just to get the help I needed. Endsight does a great job. Thank you. ”