EndSight makes considerable investments every year into training and preparation on Microsoft technology. Our team stays up-to-date on the latest Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) and Microsoft Consulting Framework certifications, and all our engineers have real, hands on experience deploying and supporting Microsoft technology.

To maintain our certification, we must continue to complete numerous projects of varying sizes and complexity. Microsoft directly audits the work of all its partners to ensure we are doing the highest quality work.

For our clients, the Microsoft certification provides several benefits. Primarily, it guarantees Endsight consultants have been properly trained in the best procedures for deploying and supporting Microsoft technology. In addition, the priority support we get directly from Microsoft as a partner helps us resolve even the most complex Microsoft problems for our clients quickly and easily.

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“I also wanted to say lots of nice things about the great support I received last Friday. The response was fast and highly professional. Our Endsight consultant’s ability to leap tall buildings and broken servers in a single bound was awesome. I particularly appreciate the thoroughness and attention to detail. It made my job of restoring the application this morning a walk in the park.”