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WannaCry Ransomware- Should You Be Concerned?

If you've been following security news over this weekend, you may have heard of WannaCry. Here is the latest update from Colin Smith, one of our engineers -

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Private Cloud vs Public Cloud vs Internal Hosting

private cloud internal hosting public cloudShould I keep my servers internally and back them up to the public cloud? Should I host them in a private cloud with some minor internal hosting redundancy? Should I exclusively use the public cloud (like Dropbox for business) and forget about internal hosting altogether?

Though these are all good questions to ask yourself, there are some fundamental questions that need to be asked first.

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No Power? No Problem When You Have Remote Desktop

No Power Remote DesktopLast summer, California had a serious earthquake in Napa resulting in power outages and caused many businesses to come to a screeching hault. For companies without private cloud services, this was a problem, but what would it look like if they had access to their work remotely? First, let’s look at what it looks like for typical businesses.

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How to Successfully Print an Excel Spreadsheet

printing in excel cover smIf you have ever printed Microsoft Office Excel spreadsheets, more often than not, you have probably had issues. We created this tutorial to explain how to print an Excel spreadsheet, so it comes out looking good.

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The Hidden Security Risk That Could Hurt Your Business

hidden security risk businessA few years ago, a CBS report described an overlooked security risk in copy machines and printers.  More concerning than that – this problem has been around for 13 years and not much has changed. As of 2002, most printers and digital copiers contain hard drives. It is still relatively easy to acquire a used device that still has sensitive information on the hard drive.

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“I am extremely pleased with the support we are getting with Endsight and have highly recommended you already to several people. I do not get hit with a lot of silly questions when I call you guys. The support person has always fully been aware of my system, the servers and software and just takes ownership of my issue as soon as I call. I almost feel like I do not even have to mention my problem. I just say what it is and it is immediately resolved. I have worked with other support companies and I end up spending a huge amount of time (every time I call) gathering hardware/software information just to get the help I needed. Endsight does a great job. Thank you. ”