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7 Rules For Having A Successful Job Interview

Article by John Grover on January 21, 2020
John Grover
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Even though the IT field is full of capable, ambitious individuals looking to leave their mark, being capable isn’t always enough. When I interview people for Endsight, I’m looking to understand whether an individual will fit our culture, but also bring in some new stuff.



What about you?

You might be preparing for an interview. Perfect! Whether that is within your current organization or at a new one, the next important step will be, having a long, crazy successful CAREER. The good news is these are “first principles,” and they work after you get hired too! Think meeting new colleagues, new sales prospects, new bosses, new strategic partners, etc.

So, if you are strong in one or more of these areas, continue to develop these strengths! And if you are weak in some of these areas, keep working on them. Being well rounded helps a lot when it comes to these principles. Strive to be 1% better every day and seek continuous improvement! Track your progress; get some feedback! I’ll bet through deliberate practice, and by working with intention - you’ll surprise yourself on how good you’ll get.

Now, if you’re reading this in preparation for an interview at Endsight, I can't wait to meet you and talk more. If you’re on a different journey, best of luck in whatever comes your way. Go out there and be impressive!


John Grover is the Chief People Officer and Owner of Endsight. John received his MBA from the University of Phoenix, a bachelor's degree from Auburn University, and earned technical certifications from both Microsoft and Cisco. He was also recently accepted into Harvard Business School's Certificate of Management Excellence program. John is a lifelong learner, constantly pursuing expanding his understanding both inside and outside the classroom. In addition to being an avid mountain biker and surfer, John is dedicated to reading over 50 books a year to improve himself as a leader, father, husband, and athlete. He is also passionate about empowering others to do the same. In the last year, John has written over 60 articles on such topics as leadership, company values, and learning.

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