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Managed backup 

Endsight built its managed back up service to guard against two distinct disaster scenarios: catastrophic disaster (fire, theft, quake or flood) and localized failure (hardware failure, data corruption or human error). Completely automated, managed backup eliminates the “human factor” risks of reviewing backup software logs and changing, storing & transporting backup tapes.

For fast rebuilds in the event of a system crash, Managed Backup includes a locally installed storage device that provides a “tapeless” back up of all server data as well as pre-configured images of all server software and system settings.   In the event of a catastrophe, Managed Backup replicates a copy of the server data off-site assuring that a copy of the server data lives beyond the reach of disasters such as fire and flood.

Endsight’s managed backup service includes:

A locally installed mass storage device featuring:

  • 2-8 terabytes of “tapeless”,  redundant storage
  • Automated, real-time backups of all server data
  • Pre-configured images of all server software and system settings that can be automatically applied for fast rebuilds in the event of a system crash
  • Daily monitoring and management of all on-site backup jobs

Automated, backups to Endsight’s off-site storage solution featuring:

  • Encrypted, high-speed internet connection to a local storage device
  • Automated processes occurring nightly to reduce the load on the corporate network
  • Redundant server architecture
  • Flexible, redundant data storage
  • High availability firewalls and switching fabric
  • Redundant fiber optic internet connections
  • Redundant utility and emergency power generators
  • 24x7 monitoring and protection against viruses, spyware, and hacking
  • 24x7physical security that includes video surveillance and key card access only to the data center
  • Fire suppression, earthquake and flood countermeasures
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