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"I am always impressed with the patience and skill of everyone who has helped me at Endsight..."

- Carolyn D. Customer review

Why our clients choose to work with Endsight

Our customers work with us for many reasons. Our best customers would tell you that they work with us because their employees are more leveraged with our services. After all, employees are the greatest business expense these days. Investing in technology that is aligned with the business model and the business strategy creates leverage in a way that is hard to match with just one IT guy or with offshoring the support. If you ask our clients why they particularly work with us, you will get a different answer every time. Here are some reasons our clients why they choose to work with us.

1. A large technical team is better than a small one

An individual "Computer Guy", or even a full-time technician, only has the knowledge and experience of one single person. Each Endsight engineer has access to collaborate with our entire staff of Microsoft and Apple certified advisors. This is why Endsight engineers can recommend better solutions and resolve issues faster than any single technician. We continuously invest in the education and training of our personnel to make sure that your network is cared for by the best brains in the business.

2. All business technology should be business-centric

Your business comes first. Your business is unique and has unique computer needs. Your technology can either help you save and earn money, or lose money. With vast business experience in diverse industries including healthcare and legal, we recommend technology solutions to improve your unique line of business.

3. Proactive maintenance is a must

Most computer emergencies should NOT happen. In fact, most should be prevented. What sets us apart from other computer service providers? We don't only react to emergencies, we prevent them too. With routine proactive maintenance procedures, you can rest assured that potential problems are being resolved before they become a crisis to your business.

4. Technology costs should make sense

The average salary of a full-time computer technician in California is over $60,000 per year including taxes and benefits. If that technician is doing his or her job correctly, most of the time your system is running fine and your technician is showing up to work with little or nothing to do. Endsight's clients save thousands of dollars per year by spending money only where needed: routine maintenance and emergency support. With this substantial cost savings, our customers have a higher ability to use the dollars they save on technology improvement projects such as faster hardware and productivity-increasing software.

5. No downtime is important

When your computer systems go down, so does your business. Do you know where your "Computer Guy" is? Endsight's clients enjoy a guaranteed response time in the event of an emergency. In many instances, we'll be able to remotely diagnose and resolve issues. Your business will be back up and running in minutes instead of hours or days.

6. Power partners are important

Your business should have a strong connection to the leading product manufacturers and distributors like Microsoft, HP, SonicWALL, Kaseya and Ingram Micro. With Endsight, you could have these and more. With these partnerships, our engineers can access their top engineers for technical support assistance, and we can offer our clients competitive pricing for all of their hardware and software purchases.

7. Technician turnover is a headache

Each time your full-time technician quits or your current "Computer Guy" finds another job, you need to re-invest your time and money to recruit and train a new person. During the transition, your business may experience a computer outage with no one who understands how your systems have been set up. We assign a Systems Administrator to each and every one of our clients. On top of that, our CIO (Chief Information Officer) oversees the work of all of our System Administrators. With Endsight, you'll have several engineers who know everything about your network, all for the price of less than one.

8. Critical devices deserve attention

Endsight constantly monitors your most critical devices that directly relate to your bottom line. These may include your wireless, email exchange, and servers. Our CIOs will help you identify your unique critical devices. Our engineers will respond quickly to events in the rare case of downtime of your technology. We are available to serve your business 24x7x365.

9. Organizations today should be able to conduct business anywhere, anytime

Take advantage of the technologies that you already own. For example, if you have Windows XP Professional and a SonicWALL firewall, you can access your office computer securely from anywhere in the world! Our expert IT engineers constantly look for ways to maximize your investment in technology.

10. Business relationships are better than quick fixes

Long-term business relationships are earned. This starts with good business practices and results in loyalty. Our clients are fiercely loyal. In fact, many of our new clients come from enthusiastic referrals from our happy existing clients. We are fortunate to maintain high customer retention rate.

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