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Endsight Relocates Headquarters to Napa

Article by Samuel Hatton on January 21, 2022
Samuel Hatton
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NAPA, CALIFORNIA, January 21, 2022 ---- Endsight has a NEW headquarters, Napa:  Specifically, 1144 Jordan Lane, Napa, CA 94559.

It has been a much anticipated and, at the same time, a swift transition. We are still working hard to take care of all the administrative overhead that goes with moving. And all in all, it's a fantastic change that we at Endsight are thrilled about.

I cannot go into the details just yet, but we will be following up with more information about the relocation in weeks to come.

For now, please be aware of the following guidelines:

  • Please DO NOT drop off nor have anything shipped to any other Endsight location other than the new Endsight Headquarters (in bold above).
  • If you need clarification on this, please consult your internal Endsight administrator regarding this. If you are the internal Endsight administrator (AKA primary contact), reach out to your Technical Account Manager with any questions.

Again, we are very excited about this change and will have more updates in weeks to come.

To read about the story behind why we made the decision to purchase this building Napa three years ago, read: Big Changes for Napa Valley’s Joy Luck House


(Photo Credit: Samuel Hatton, taken December 22, 2021 during final construction)

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