"Being able to come into work feeling comfortable as you are, makes for a better work place/environment."

- Endsight Employee

Company core values

At Endsight, we are regarded as one of the elite small business IT support providers in our region, and we are known for our ability to follow through and meet our clients’ needs time and time again.

That is a good description of what we are, but it does not define who we are. That is what our Core Values are for.

Every employee knows them, and embracing these values is vital to being successful at Endsight. It is also the key to our success in developing client loyalty.

We believe that our success depends on upholding, as an organization and as individuals core values.

The Endsight Code

(The non-negotiables)

Bring your YOU

At Endsight our people are able to bring 100% of their talent to work. We don't ask our people to cover up their personalities, and simply join our efforts as a cog in the machine of excellent IT support. Rather we ask them to bring THEMSELVES and work from their strengths. That's what makes us excellent.

Pride without arrogance

We believe that pride is NOT the opposite of humility. That's arrogance. We hate arrogance. We instead appreciate a more humble form of pride. One that doesn't come from tooting your own horn. Pride comes from recognition. Be it from ourselves or from others, we take pride in the good work that we do. We are mindful of this good work.

Take the long view

The IT industry is full of shortcuts. Some good, some bad. When it comes to IT security and service quality, shortcuts can be problematic. We love to do things once by doing it right. This is what taking the long view means to us. Our clients' businesses flourish and are poised for growth when their network is set up for the long-term.

Have each other’s back

Teamwork is at the heart of a thriving organization. Having each other's back looks like crediting colleagues where credit is due. It looks like rolling up your sleeves when one of your own is stuck in the mud. It looks like acknowledging the accomplishments of those we work with and love. It looks like asking for help. You won't hear words like "That's not my problem," here. Rather, "How can I help?"

Aspirational Values

No one's perfect, but at our best, we embody the following:

Pursue learning and growth

In business and in life, there is moving forward and there is moving backward – there is no standing still. We continually drive forward as a company, as a team, and as individuals. In everything we do, we believe we can ALWAYS do even better.

Excellent customer experience at every opportunity

Our clients trust we will be there when they need us. We will do whatever it takes to meet their expectations. We provide them with the tools and guidance to minimize their IT issues, and their best interest is at the forefront of everything we do. We aim to earn their trust every single day.

Be courageous

Our staff consists of marathon runners, mixed martial artists, and former US military personnel. The dictionary defines courage as, “The ability to do something that frightens one.” But when we talk about courage, we are not talking about recreational activities that might frighten people. Rather we are talking about having the hard conversations. Saying, "No," to a client's employee who is asking us to not follow protocol to protect their business network.

Respect for people

When there is no conflict, it is easy to show respect. However, conflict tests us. Respect for people means we do not avoid the conflict. Though avoidance is usually our go-to move, we must resist the urge and handle conflict gracefully with respect. Respect for people means we acknowledge the pains, issues, and effort of others and take them seriously. It means being committed to building relationship over debating who is right. Respect carries a professional tone.

Our core values are the foundation

These values are the foundation for everything we do. The benefits to our clients are threefold: honest partnership, commitment to their long-term success, and unparalleled service they can always depend on.

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