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"Secure, like a warm blanket on a rainy day."

- Jyan O. Endsight

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Network management services

Our customers want their computer network to be as dependable as their electricity and water. We use this analogy because just like your network, these household utilities are also delivered by a series of complicated back-end processes and procedures. How often do you think about the complexity associated with generating power and piping it across an intricate grid system just to turn on lights?

Similarly, your computer network requires complicated, proactive maintenance tasks to remain reliable and secure. Certain tasks need to be performed in real-time and require expensive tools. Other tasks are performed in increments and often demand pre-defined processes.


Learn about how Endsight's IT support services work


Systems administration

Large companies have solved these issues by investing in teams of systems administrators paired with complex and expensive technology.

As an Endsight client, your business will benefit from the investments we’ve already made in tools, processes, and people. We assign an entire department to your account called the Network Operations Center (NOC). This team uses our enterprise-class tools to make sure your network is as reliable and secure as it can be.

Your business takes advantage of our scale while you focus your own capital and energy on your core business.

Proactive monitoring services

Endsight continuously monitors critical system information through our unique network monitoring system. Our structure for real-time network monitoring allows our staff to be automatically notified of any aberrations in your network.

Through data metrics, we can prove that our real-time network monitoring process can multiply the efficiency and performance of your network by 4, while simultaneously reducing your onsite IT support costs.

Our computer systems automatically monitor daily maintenance tasks such as anti-virus scans, anti-SPAM filtering, and disk optimization. By automating these procedures, your network can be fully optimized in a fraction of the time that it would take a solo IT professional.

Automating routine manual tasks is the key to keeping a finely tuned and secure computer network. Employing a technical staff to manage these tasks can be tedious, expensive, and potentially leave your network vulnerable to human errors.

Network security services

Some managed service providers will tell you that their security systems will prevent any and all cyber-attacks from reaching your network. Unfortunately, the reality is that this is simply not true.

We will be the first to admit that we cannot create an impenetrable network because we know that it cannot be done. Therefore we will provide you with the next best alternative, access to our network security services.

This array of technology includes services such as email security, data backup, disaster recovery, and computer security training to help your employees identify and avoid cyber-attacks.

Configuration optimization

An optimized computer network is one that is secure, reliable, and prevents issues from ever reaching and inhibiting your computer users. When Endsight configures networks for clients, we focus our efforts on this central goal of optimizing your technology to its fullest capacity.

As support requests flow through our information system, Endsight's Network Operations Center (NOC) uses this information to identify recurring user issues. Whether these issues are derived from an incorrectly executed project or a technology error, our NOC documents these tickets for further analysis.

Disaster recovery

Along with a premium data backup service, we also provide disaster recovery services. We can restore all of your data in the cloud, and we even loan you hardware like firewalls and servers to get your business up and running as quickly as possible.

Our managed backup services coincide with our disaster recovery process to guard against the two primary disaster scenarios: natural disasters (fire, theft, earthquake, or flood) and localized network failures (hardware failure, data corruption, or human error).

Having a completely automated managed backup process eliminates the “human factor” risks of reviewing backup software logs as well as changing, storing, and transporting backup tapes.

Network maintenance

The Network Operations Center (NOC) performs perpetual network maintenance for all of our clients. By constantly monitoring and maintaining the quality of your network, our team can stay ahead of the inevitable IT issues that will arise, and subdue them before you even realize they existed.

Unfortunately, most managed service providers, like the state governments responsible for our nation’s bridges, operate using a break-fix model. The problem is some mistakes are irreparable after the fact, and without continuous monitoring, it could leave your company vulnerable to disaster.

Network maintenance is a continuous process that our engineers perform behind the scenes. We keep your network at optimum efficiency and prevent the need for scheduled maintenance.


Learn about how Endsight's IT support services work


IT management reporting

The key to managing any successful business is the consistent evaluation. As your virtual IT department, our service offering includes detailed IT reporting and face-to-face review sessions between you and your assigned Technical Account Manager (TAM).

Your TAM is responsible for ensuring that the technology we provide and service for you is linking with your business needs. During these meetings, you and your TAM will review and discuss your network activity, design, and security components to ensure that they are working properly and satisfying your expectations from a functionality standpoint.

IT staff augmentation

If you are looking for more than just a body for your IT department, Endsight can be your solution because we do staff augmentation in our own way.

We provide a trained engineer plus layers of value-added activities such as escalation, tools, processes, and managerial uplift. We do not doubt your managerial ability, but we maintain management responsibilities of your augmented staff. We need to be assured that your engineer is equipped with the skills and expertise to manage your IT.

Along with an augmented staff member, you will have access to our entire team of specialists and engineers. It seemed obvious to us that having an entire army of Endsight engineers is better than just one, that way no IT support task will ever be too much for us to handle.

Key date management

Your IT systems have been running exceptionally smooth the last few weeks. As long as no one touches anything, it will stay that way, right? No.

Unfortunately, there are numerous ways your network can be breached without you having knowledge of it taking place. From software updates to renewing expired warranties and security certificates, you are not immune to sudden IT failure.

Keeping track of all the little details of your network can be a hassle. Many small to medium-sized firms do not have the necessary tools for tracking the specifics of their network. Endsight has invested in numerous IT management tools to monitor the status and expiration dates of your technology.

Key elements of IT management & maintenance are:

  • Server and workstation monitoring
  • Antivirus and spyware quarantines
  • Management of service packs and hot-fixes for workstations and servers
  • Hardware and software asset inventory reporting for workstations and servers
  • Event log review
  • Backup job monitoring, review, and test restore
  • Server cleaning, removal of temp files, etc.
  • Drive defragmentation for workstations and servers
  • Logging of fixes and maintenance performed
  • Configuration optimization
  • Security analysis and review of all servers
  • Check and maintain current maintenance contracts for all hardware
  • Backup and storage of router and firewall configurations
  • Monitoring of firewall (only available for some technologies)
  • Monitoring of VPN tunnels (only available for some technologies)
  • Check and update access policies of the firewall
  • Label and document network with applicable IP addresses, hostnames, and serial numbers
  • Ensure proper firmware updates and patches are applied to solid state devices (firewalls, routers, and switches)
  • HIPAA or Sarbanes Oxley policy enforcement

Additional services

Endsight provides a number of additional services that are available as add-on services to our standard outsourced IT agreements. These include anti-virus, anti-SPAM, server hosting, and hosted exchange among many others.

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