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Quick Tips is a library of short video tutorials that highlight helpful features and tricks in some of the more popular software titles such as Microsoft Office and Windows 7. We produce Quick Tip video tutorials with topics from common clent issues and questions, client strategy sessions and feed back from the Endsight community. If you can't find the topic you're looking for please let us know and maybe we can add it as a future Quick Tip.

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Keyboard Shortcuts

Created by Jason Clause


    We've put together the most powerful Keyboard shortcuts across Microsoft Word. And they also work for Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote! (list below)

    1) The Overall Document
    0:40 CTRL + N = New
    0:53 CTRL + S = Save
    0:59 CTRL + P = Print
    1:02 CTRL + F = Find

    2) Common formatting
    1:15 CTRL + B = Bold
    1:17 CTRL + I = Italics
    1:19 CTRL + U = Underline
    1:29 CTRL + SHIFT + , OR . = Size

    3) Oops!
    1:42 CTRL + Z = Undo
    1:51 CTRL + Y = Redo

    4) The Craft Supplies
    2:00 CTRL + X = Cut
    2:09 CTRL + C = Copy
    2:06 CTRL + V = Paste

    5) Highlighting
    2:20 SHIFT + arrow keys = Sections
    2:31 CTRL + A = Select all

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