Endsight Acquires Napa Valley Based IT Firm Occidental Technical Group


On October 1, 2017, Endsight officially acquired Occidental Technical Group, also known as OTG.

The day following the acquisition, all OTG employees met in their St. Helena office conference room and were told the news. They watched a video of Endsight employees welcoming them to the team. "Fantastic introduction. I could see myself being a part of the Endsight team. I had excitement about being part of a larger company and having more opportunities," commented an employee.

One year prior to the acquisition, co-founder Larry Vermeulen, expressed his desire to retire. That set in motion a good many conversations and planning sessions as the partners evaluated the current technology landscape, business climate, the team, clients, and growth trajectory.  It also opened the door to discussions with Mike Chaput, CEO of Endsight.

They developed a great deal of respect for the Endsight principals, team, culture, values and operational maturity.  It became clear that an acquisition of Occidental by Endsight would be a huge win for both organizations, including the Occidental partners, employees, and clients.

Endsight hired all the OTG team and retained both St. Helena and Napa offices.

In the following months, Endsight included the new North Bay employees in their annual holiday video with a quirky theme of joining forces to save the holidays from elves in the network.

A bit of Occidental Technical Group history

In 1994, Maureen Stubblefield and Larry Vermeulen set out with the belief that they could help small businesses compete in the global marketplace by providing the same level of IT service available to the large enterprise. Together, they founded OTG and in the fall of 1999, invited Jason Cooper to join in their efforts.

Their commitment to providing exceptional customer experiences through strategic analytic and technical expertise, and building personal relationships, propelled growth and success.

They worked hard to promote an innovative culture to attract and retain creative, practical, and energetic people who were driven to do their very best. The team grew to include 15 top IT engineers. None of their success could have been possible without an amazing team of technical professionals.

Now Larry is retired; Maureen, Jason, and the rest of the OTG team are still serving the North Bay clients; and the rest is history.


Endsight culture videos involving the OTG acquisition

 Endsight welcomes Occidental Technical Group employees to the team 



 2017 Endsight holiday video for clients following acquisition announcement


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