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- Nici C. Endsight

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What we do

Endsight delivers premium IT management and support to small and medium-sized businesses of all industries. Our service combines trained IT professionals with sophisticated automation and remote management technology to create reliable networks that lever our clients' business model, mission, and people.

Endsight manages computer networks the same way that a Fortune 500 company would manage its global IT Infrastructure. The end result is that we make it possible for our clients to have a network that has maximized uptime, ironclad security, and better performance than what is standard for the industry.

We essentially only offer one thing, Endsight managed services. Our clients thrive with our holistic approach to IT management. We believe that without an excellent strategy, project execution, and proper configurations and systems administration, support is sub-par at best. Below you will find all the services included in our managed services agreement as well as add-on services.


Learn about how Endsight's IT support services work



Large corporations typically employ a Chief Information Officer (CIO) who deploys strategic direction for the company along with managing the people, systems, and processes required to run an effective network.

For the most part, small and medium-size businesses do not have the scale or financial capability to afford such a role. As a result, these companies tend to provide little management for the person, or people, managing their IT infrastructure, and often neglect the strategic attention and planning that is required for a high functioning network.

Business technology strategy includes


Our customers want their computer network to be as dependable as their electricity and water. We use this analogy because just like your network, these household utilities are also delivered by a series of complicated back-end processes and procedures. How often do you think about the complexity associated with generating power and piping it across an intricate grid system just to turn on lights?

Similarly, your computer network requires complicated, proactive maintenance tasks to remain reliable and secure. Certain tasks need to be performed in real-time and require expensive tools. Other tasks are performed in increments and often demand pre-defined processes.

Systems management includes:


Based on our experience, it is not the unexpected phone calls or last-minute meeting cancellations that interrupt your day the most. Instead, the largest source of frustration stems from your information technology systems not working the way they are supposed to.

When your network isn’t working, neither is your staff. If a handheld device won’t sync, a computer isn’t functioning, or a printer isn’t printing—your employees need help right away!

It is infuriating having to deal with IT engineers who take hours, or even days, to address your problem. Our industry gets a bad rap because too many companies regularly suffer through bad IT.

Endsight changes that narrative by providing top-class IT support and service for small businesses.

Technical support includes:


Learn about how Endsight's IT support services work



When your business needs new technology, you need a team to deploy it effectively.

Whether you’re building, upgrading, or adding new network infrastructure and functionality, our team of certified systems engineers combined with Endsight’s proven deployment methodology, can deploy new technologies with minimal business interruption.

To accomplish this, we start with the Endsight Fulfillment Framework, which includes a complete requirements analysis and comprehensive project plan. We follow this plan step-by-step throughout the installation process to guarantee the success of each project.

IT projects include:

Additional services

Endsight provides all clients with several add-on service options that can be included in your technology infrastructure. Depending on the size, status, or structure of your technology one or more of these additional services could prove to be highly beneficial to the functionality of your network.

Endsight also offers additional technical services including:

Outsourced computer systems support

Now more than ever, small businesses rely on their computer networks. E-mail, internet, accounting, and other applications are the modern day infrastructure on which a small company runs. Unfortunately, small businesses have traditionally put up with inferior Information Technology (IT) support compared to larger corporations. While big businesses have enjoyed the benefits of economies of scale, small companies have had to deal with highly compensated employees that are inadequately managed, or expensive hourly-based IT engineers with questionable response times.

We're here to level the playing field

Endsight has created an innovative IT managed service that enables clients to fully outsource the management and support of their computer network while they focus on their core business.

We give small organizations access to enterprise-quality tools, technology, processes, and talented professionals for a reasonable fixed monthly fee.

Endsight excels in four mutually supporting IT elements: StrategyManagementSupport, and Projects. To find out more, contact us today to schedule an onsite demo.

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