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"We take pride in the work that we do, and we're constantly hungry for feedback that can help us improve."

- Sam B. Endsight

The Endsight Way

When we were a small company, standards and processes were easy to figure out. After all, we were just a few computer engineers. Standards were easy. As we have matured and grown into a company with over 130 employees, standards have become more difficult. The Endsight Way essentially is our standards and processes.

Standards emerge from years and years of trial and error

The world is filled with tons of different technology platforms. Some are very good while others, not so much. When onboarding with Endsight, we take an agnostic approach to your suite of technology, meaning we do not care what platforms you use. If you’re happy with them, we will be too.

However, as the relationship cultivates over time, we begin to intervene and outset our own technology platforms that we know will work for you. Our goal is not to hijack and replace your equipment because we have to appease our partners, but rather it is to provide you with standardized technology that Endsight professionals agreed will allow your company to operate most efficiently.

Clients hire us because they have become irritated with subpar network performance which is usually caused by bad IT. Therefore, in order to ensure that our clients’ networks function properly, our job is to lower the noise caused by their network.

By implementing the technology standards we developed through comprehensive discussions among our IT professionals, and trial and error over the years, we have developed technology platforms that work optimally for each of our clients’ business needs.

Processes must align to operational needs

The Endsight Way is not just what we implement, it’s how we implement it. Our implementation of any technology varies from client to client because different industries have distinct needs and priorities. Even different companies within the same industry have distinctive needs and requirements because of their size, location, or any of the other abundant variables that differentiate businesses from their competitors.

The essence of The Endsight Way lies in the ‘how’ not the ‘what’. Our team dedicates considerable amounts of time to brainstorming how certain pieces of technology are more beneficial than others to specific clients. We also discuss how we can implement our standardized platforms in a unique way that will give our clients the best possible return on investment.

How to tell the good IT support providers from bad

The big problem customers’ face when selecting a managed service provider, is that they all sound the same. Quite often the only way for customers to differentiate the various MSPs is by the design of their logos or the color schemes of their websites.

There may have been a time when this applied to us. But for the past 13 years, we have continued to perfect our processes and standards to the point where we truly believe what makes us stand out above the rest of the competition, is that we provide small business IT support a certain way. Our way. The Endsight Way.

With more and more small businesses turning to outsourced IT, researching the perfect managed service provider for your company is the only way to ensure your IT vendor will be a fit for your specific needs.


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