LANSolutions & Endsight Merger Succeeding with Exceptional Retention Rates

Article by Endsight on February 01, 2023
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14 months into its merger, the combined company’s retention rate for both clients and employees remain high.

San Diego, CA, and Napa, CA - Endsight and LANSolutions officially announced their successful merger and emphasized the combined organizations high retention rate for clients and employees since the merger 14 months ago. The two companies combined forces at the very end of December 2021 to increase the depth and breadth of services available to clients in Northern California, San Diego, and Hawaii.

Prior to the merger, Endsight mostly operated in the Napa Valley and Greater San Francisco region. Joining forces with LANSolutions has expanded geographic coverage into Southern California and Hawaii, which has been helpful for customers with footprints in both places. LANSolutions brings a deep expertise in the legal market and Endsight has been able to operationalize around it, offering a meaningful advantage for customers in the legal space.

“Like LANSolutions, Endsight also focuses on helping companies get more from their investment in technology. As we have progressed through the phases of our merger, it's only become clearer that our two organizations share the same commitment to client success," shared Oliver Goellnitz, founder of LANSolutions and now President of the San Diego region.

Exceptional Retention of Clients and Employees

The retention of clients has been good, with very few clients lost due to the merger. Additionally, LANSolutions team members now have  better career paths, with some employees considering or moving into other roles that they wouldn't have had the opportunity for previously. Endsight's Director of Sales, Julie Homan, spoke positively about the merger, saying that the entire team has embraced the change. Although the transition increased everyone's workload, while moving toward functioning as one entity, people were willing to adopt the change and respectful of the new culture.

Growth opportunities for Endsight’s Northern California employees are expanding too, providing team members with openings to acquire new technical skills and expertise. Overall, the merger has provided the combined company’s employees with the potential for greater career growth, both in leadership and technical roles, as the company continues to expand.

Exciting enhancements in store for Clients with LANSolutions 

As the integration continues, LANSolutions will begin overlaying Endsight’s methods, procedures and standards resulting in expand support hours and access to deeper technical expertise. LANSolutions’ Clients will also gain access to new offerings such as advanced Cyber Security and Business Intelligence development services.

New roles such as Technical Account Managers and Account Specialists will add depth to client account teams and enhance the service delivery experience. Josh Carroll, Endsight's President, expressed great satisfaction with the overall team's willingness to embrace new methodologies and his enthusiasm for how the upcoming changes will enable Endsight to increase delivery of customer value and offer a continuously improving support experience.

Endsight and LANSolutions both operate from a position of strength, with long histories and Exceptional reputations in their regional markets. The firm’s combined 385 clients will continue to work with local technology experts who intimately know their computer networks and goals.

“We couldn’t be more pleased to have joined forces with the team at LANSolutions. Its position as one of the largest and most experienced IT services firms in San Diego means that we can offer the same sophisticated level of help to clients in Northern California, San Diego and Hawaii,” said Mike Chaput, Endsight CEO.

Moving into 2023, clients can also expect the two brands fully integrate under the Endsight name.

About Endsight

Organizations hire Endsight to ensure that their systems operate effectively. Their investments in IT align with their business goals, and they rely on Endsight's award-winning helpdesk support, secure environment, and strategic guidance to thrive.

About LANSolutions - an Endsight Company

LANSolutions provides specialized Managed Services that help clients recognize gaps or redundancies in their business tech strategy. With advanced technology combined with personalized computer IT support, their clients can stay competitive and grow the bottom line.


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