Creating Outlook Signatures

Impress your friends and colleagues with a simple and eloquent business card for an email signature - all wrapped up in a simple V-Card file.

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How to create Outlook Signatures video transcript:

Are you looking to upgrade your email signature into a professional looking business card that makes it easy for others to quickly import your contact information for future use?

Well, creating a business card signature in your Outlook account is easy to do.

To start, open Outlook and click on Contacts in the bottom left sidebar.

Click on New Contact just below the File tab. This will open a new contact template.

Enter your full name, your company name, your job title, email address. Notice the “Display As” field automatically populated. This is basically how your particular outlook will display this contact when you are creating an outlook message. It’s safe to write anything you want here for any contacts for that matter. Other people will only see the default.

Next, add a business phone number and your business address.

And let’s add a photo or company logo by clicking on the photo icon.

To give your card a more customized look, right-click the card image and clicking “Edit business card”. You can add and delete fields and change the formatting here.

When you have the card you want, click OK and Save & Close.

Now you should be able to see your newly created business card.

To have it appended to your outgoing e-mails, click the bottom left Mail tab > New Email > Message tab > click on the Signature button scrolling down to Signatures.

This will open up the Signatures and Stationery window. In the E-mail Signature tab, click on the New button, then enter a name for this new signature. We’ll call ours, "Biz Card".

Because anything in this box becomes a signature, we want to get our Business Card in here. So click Business Card button… and find your newly created contact.

Now, if you want your signature added to ALL your outgoing emails, select it in the “New messages” box. So the next time you open an email, your new Business Card signature will be included in the body of the e-mail, as well as a .vcf attachment. We’ll come back to what that means exactly.

But if you’d rather your business card signature only be included occasionally in emails, go back to the Signatures and Stationary window and leave the New Messages box as (none). This will make it so you can choose when you want to include your business card signature by clicking on the “Signature” button in your email message.

So what is this .vcf attachment?

A VCF or Virtual-information Card File basically holds your contact information and flawlessly interacts with Outlook. Making it extremely easy for others to get your contact information just by dragging it to your contacts.

Looks like you are set to turn your email signature into a dynamic professional looking business card!