PowerPoint Transitions

Have you ever wanted to add transitions to your PowerPoint slides, but just didn't really know how to? This quick tip covers the basics of adding and modifying PowerPoint transitions.

You will also learn how to automate your PowerPoint, in case you ever want to run a slideshow in the background at an event, demo booth, or in the lobby of your office building.

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How to use PowerPoint Transitions video transcript:

Have you ever wanted to add transitions to your PowerPoint slides, but just didn’t really know how to?

In this quick tip, I’m going to be covering basics of adding and modifying PowerPoint transitions as well as how to make your PowerPoint automated just in case you ever want to run a slideshow in the background at a company event or demo booth.

To start let’s pull up a pre-made presentation from Microsoft PowerPoint.

Go to File > New > Click on PowerPoint presentations and slides. Let’s choose Business presentations, and select a presentation.
To add a transition. Simply click on the slide that you want to apply a transition to.

Then click the Transitions tab to see available transitions.

When you select a transition it will preview right away.

To see every available transition click this little drop-down arrow. There is a lot to choose from but in most cases, you’ll probably be using the first set of subtle transitions because they are usually less distracting from the information you are trying to present.

Every transition has Effect Options that give you a little bit more customization.

Under the Timing section, you can change the duration of your transition to make it shorter or longer. To test out your change, click the Preview.

Now let’s say you want to apply the same transition to slides 4, 6, and 10. First, put your pointer over this divider and drag to the left to make these smaller.

Now hold down CTRL and click on slides 4, 6, and 10 to select them. Now when you modify slide settings they are applied to all the selected slides.

And if you want to apply this transition to all slides, click Apply to All.

Now, what if you wanted to set up your slideshow with automatic transitions so you can run it in the background at a company event or demo booth?

All you have to do is give all your slides a slide duration and loop the presentation from the last slide to the first - so it will play over and over again.

Slide transition is different from the transition duration and is labeled with Advance Slide After … check the box, give it a duration, and apply to all.

Now all of our slides have the same duration and same effect. Which you are really not locked into because you can select particular slides with CTRL like before to make minor changes while keeping the Advance Slide.

To loop your PowerPoint slide, click on the Slide Show tab, under Set Up click on Set Up Slide Show, under the show options, click on Loop continuously until Escape. Click Okay. Now all of your slides automatically change to the next starting from the first slide till you press escape.

And that’s about it. Let start the slideshow from the beginning to see what it looks like. Slide Show tab> and click From Beginning.

Whether you want slide transitions for your automated slideshow or presentation, you now know how to insert and modify transitions to your group of slides in Microsoft PowerPoint.