CRN Recognizes Endsight as a Top Security Provider in 2020

Article by Presley Troendly on February 21, 2020
Presley Troendly
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Endsight is proud to announce we have landed on CRN’s 2020 Managed Service Provider (MSP) 500 list in the Security 100 category, and we want to take this opportunity to thank our staff and clients for being a part of our journey. Cyber security does not stop at purchasing an anti-virus software or hiring an MSP; it takes everybody’s involvement to keep your technology safe. 

Cyber crime is always evolving, and choosing the right Managed Service Provider is critical. No one is safe from cyber-attacks, and with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) in effect, cyber security should be a top priority. A data breach can destroy the reputation of a business, but now it can also bankrupt a company. Trusting blindly that your MSP is doing everything possible to prevent a breach is irresponsible.

Endsight co-founder and Network Operations Center Manager, Joel Jacobs explained on a podcast recently the top cyber security threat of any company is their IT providers! In this interview, Joel expanded on this subject, saying, "do I want to go rob a house, which has one person’s money in it? Or, do I want to go rob a bank, that has a lot of people’s money in it?" suggesting that hackers would prefer to spend their time looking for MSP with limited security then try to attack multiple individuals.

When hiring an MSP company, you should be asking what their cyber security protocol is. Through continual education, implementation of new software, and keeping close relationships with major vendors, Endsight has been able to improve our tactics and help educate our clients on steps they can take to limit human error. 

Keep up with technology. It is critical to a thriving business. Know what you should be asking from your IT provider. It is vital. Do your research on new cybersecurity threats and stay up to date on new laws regarding cybersecurity. The right MSP will be doing the same and will be able to point your company in the right direction. As most of Endsight clients or businesses that reside in California, we know that the CCPA will affect a good amount of your clients and businesses in our area. To make sure our clients and neighbors are prepared for these changes, Endsight is offering a free webinar to explain the steps required to become CCPA complaint. For a more in-depth look at CCPA and how it may affect your business, register for our webinar.


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