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A Servant’s Heart: The Key to Providing an Excellent Customer Experience

Mike Chaput
Mike Chaput
June 19, 2024

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For outsourced IT, meeting customers' rising expectations means profoundly understanding them.

Possessing a “servant’s heart” is key to building a company culture that prioritizes customer needs, and it’s a large part of Endsight’s core values. But what does that mean, why do we embrace it, and how does it infuse everything we do? 

Having a servant’s heart doesn’t mean automatically saying “yes.” What it means is that we believe what is suitable for the client will ultimately be good for us. It’s about focusing on individual needs, internally and externally, keeping our employees and customers happy.

A company and its employees with a servant’s heart are honest about strengths and weaknesses, understand customer expectations, and work to exceed them, building trust and loyalty. It’s part of a customer-centric mindset that enables sustainable growth and long-term success.

In this article, we’ll look at understanding the customer experience, the role of technology, and the Endsight approach.

Exploring the customer experience

The definition of the customer experience is simple. It is how a business engages with its customers at every stage of the  journey. However, building and sustaining a satisfying customer experience takes work. A compelling experience begins with a compelling understanding of your customer. Who are they? What do they want? What’s the end goal? How do they feel about where things are?

It’s important to note that customer expectations live in the minds of your customers. They are influenced by previous experiences with similar companies, reviews, word-of-mouth, and any marketing you do. These expectations may have no rhyme or reason, but their underlying needs must be understood.

In recent years, customer expectations for every type of service have evolved significantly due to several factors, including market dynamics, technology advancements, and, perhaps most importantly, an emphasis on personalized experience.

The personalized experience, when it comes to technology, means assessing what the client has in terms of both tech and process, what works and doesn’t, and what they need to be successful while keeping true to their values and goals.

For outsourced IT, providing a stellar customer experience is essential. IT managed service providers are hired to allow the client’s executive team and management to focus on mission-critical projects that power revenue generation. They also expect to have access to expert resources, improve risk management, beef up cybersecurity, and recover quickly from disasters. They also want to “future-proof” their business with technologies that will enhance overall operational efficiency and ensure scalability.

Going the extra mile: Proactivity

There are two ways to deal with problems: reactively or proactively. The reactive approach is to wait before something breaks to fix it. Proactiveness, in this case, means anticipating problems, needs, or changes, allowing us to focus on what’s important rather than urgent.

What does this mean for outsourced IT? Proactive support identifies and resolves issues before they become a more significant problem that causes operational disruptions. This takes a combination of backups, disaster recovery processes, and software tools that streamline resolution, reduce downtime, and preserve operational integrity.

On the other hand, a reactive IT management strategy ignores those “minor” issues and doesn’t take measures to prevent them, only acting when something breaks that affects operations and creates downtime. This approach stunts company growth and hurts the bottom line. It’s also a much more costly way to manage your IT.

The right outsourced IT managed services partner will have technology that powers proactivity with sophisticated automation and remote management technology.

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How Endsight does it differently

Endsight was built on the belief that small and medium organizations deserve enterprise-level technology combined with best practices. We instituted a fixed monthly cost that’s predictable while providing needed support.

We also started with the premise that we’ll do what works for you (personalized service) rather than replacing equipment “just because.” The goal is to provide standardized technology that our experts agree will allow your company to operate at peak efficiency. What does that mean?

  • It means we don’t just look at what we implement but how we implement it. Even clients within the same industry have distinct needs and requirements that set them apart from their competitors.
  • Our team brainstorms how every piece of technology will benefit each client and how we can implement our standardized platforms in a unique way to serve our clients best and give them the best return on their investment. 
  • We’re agnostic – if you are happy with the platforms you use, we are too. However, you’ve likely partnered with us because your network is subpar, and we’ll work with you to increase operational efficiency by providing our standardized technology.

IT service management is complex, and choosing the right outsourced IT with a customer-centric approach can be challenging. Our practical guide to ensure excellent IT services for your business, “Embrace 5 Vital Steps to Upgrade, Mend, or Transform Your IT Service Partnerships,” is available to read or download and can make things easier.

In this eBook, you’ll find how to recognize when it’s time to change providers, evaluate your current provider and improve that relationship, select the right partner, and more.

A servant’s heart is just the start.

Endsight is an IT managed services provider. That’s what we are. Who we are is described in our core values, which, in addition to a servant’s heart, include:

  • Respect and connection. We believe in authenticity and vulnerability, respect and dignity, and that our lives are defined and enriched by the quality of our relationships. We believe in the benefit of collective intelligence and always have each other’s backs. 
  • Progress over comfort. We know getting good requires courage, discipline, and perseverance. We see challenges as opportunities and that helping customers thrive means having the courage for uncomfortable conversations. And we believe that our ability to give and take respectful feedback is essential to progress.
  • Value, value, value. Creating value for our customers is our true north, and activities that don’t create value are wasteful. We employ value-stream thinking – we understand how our work affects operations. We believe in continuous improvement. 

Customer-centric strategies bring success.

In any partnership, true success comes when both parties thrive and prosper. Customer expectations must be met daily with a proactive approach that provides real value with a personalized process that ensures operational excellence. It all starts with a servant’s heart for IT managed service providers.

Technology is getting more complex by the day, making choosing the right outsourced IT managed services partner a critical step in your business success. Endsight is an outsourced technology support solution partner that thinks strategically about business technology and how it helps our clients meet their overall goals. 

Our process and range of services create optimal IT solutions and technical support for businesses large and small. Learn more about what our partners have to say about us. 

Make your IT services provider relationship the best with our free eBook.


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A Servant’s Heart: The Key to Providing an Excellent Customer Experience

For outsourced IT, meeting customers' rising expectations means profoundly understanding them. Possessing a “servant’s..