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When I Partner with Endsight, What Am I Paying For?

May 08, 2024

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Cybersecurity Fundamentals Training

Endsight provides a complimentary cybersecurity training. Our goal is to bring awareness of the latest trends and best practices to help reduce cyber risk for our customers, our business community, and their families.

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Partner with the IT professionals who are invested in your success.

Key takeaways:

  • We know the true meaning of customer service, operating with a servant’s heart.
  • A focus on providing real value informs everything we do.
  • Tied to that is an ongoing investment in continuous improvement.
  • We believe small and medium-sized businesses deserve enterprise-level tech and support.
  • We invest not only in tech but in our people, so we have the best of the best.

At Endsight, we are an award-winning managed IT services provider (MSP). We’ve provided strategic technology support solutions since 2004, offering an exceptional operational experience to mission-driven small to medium-sized businesses in all industries.

We combine trained IT professionals with sophisticated automation and remote management tech to create reliable networks that enable business success and growth.

We’ve made our own strategic investments – building a full-service company with a dedicated client strategy team and a state-of-the-art Network Operations Center with a sizeable staff of expert technicians.

How Endsight is different

The Endsight difference can be seen in our daily operations. Our team is committed to achieving operational maturity and strives for continuous improvement. To facilitate this, we offer our staff a career path not available to many in our industry. This means our experts are hard-working, creative, and solution-driven.

  • At Endsight, customer service is a top priority. Our Service Delivery Pod model emphasizes small cross-functional teams taking ownership of specific project tasks, from design and development to testing and operations. This approach allows us to focus on the client experience and deliver high-quality service, resulting in a best-in-class Customer Satisfaction Score of over 98%.
  • We’re dedicated to achieving maximum uptime and ironclad security.
  • Our core values inform everything we do:
    • Respect and connect
    • Progress over comfort
    • Servant’s heart
    • Value, value

Endsight manages our client’s computer networks the same way a Fortune 500 company would manage its global infrastructure. For two decades, we've helped hundreds of businesses just like yours eliminate the hassle and anxiety of poorly managed technology.


Our managed services

A successful IT management strategy can only come from viewing the technology ecosystem as a whole. That’s why we take a holistic approach to IT management. Without an excellent strategy, precise project execution, proper configuration, and systems administration, support is an illusion. We provide comprehensive support for your mission when we fulfill ours.

Because of our holistic view that implements strategy, projects, and proactive maintenance, our customers have fewer than half of the issues than the industry average. The average is 1.2 per user per month, but Endsight clients average 0.3 per user per month for those who follow our strategic recommendations and use our maintenance services. Here's more proof:

The components of our managed services agreement

Everything begins with strategy. Without it, we’re both operating blind.

A technical account manager

When you choose Endsight, you’re assigned a Technical Account Manager (TAM) who, if permitted, can assume the role of your company’s fractional chief information officer. Your TAM is responsible for strategy and preparation with an eye toward the long term, working with you to develop an accurate and predictable IT budget that fits your business needs.

We know that unexpected problems are the most expensive to solve. We work with you to identify your needs and establish your budget. And once we establish that budget, together we stick to it.  We even have an agreement type that can remove most of the variability and smooth your costs out by including it as part of your recurring monthly payment.

Your dedicated account specialist at Endsight will:

At Endsight, our commitment to exceptional network management and support is exemplified through the role of your account specialist. This specialist is your go-to escalation point for reactive support needs, offering a personalized and responsive service level. Here's what sets your account specialist apart:

  • Tailored support through familiarity: Leading a dedicated team of response center engineers, your account specialist ensures that you and your employees become familiar with a consistent group of experts. This personal touch enhances the support experience and leads to faster and more effective issue resolutions, as the team understands your team and its unique needs.
  • In-depth knowledge of your network environment: They thoroughly understand your network's intricacies beyond what's captured in standard documentation, including insights into your team members' specific needs and preferences, allowing for support that's as nuanced as your network itself. Whether it's identifying who may need extra guidance or navigating complex configurations, your specialist and team is equipped to handle it all.
  • Focused on resolving issues thoroughly: When it comes to addressing and resolving recurring issues, your account specialist collaborates with Endsight's expert teams. By focusing on understanding and tackling the root cause of issues, they ensure that solutions are not just temporary fixes but are aimed at preventing future disruptions.

While your Account Specialist focuses on reactive support needs,  At Endsight, we believe open and frequent communication is crucial to ensure you receive the ultimate service and value.

Vendor procurement

As technology evolves, so will your network. This requires updates to existing technology or, in some cases, replacing it. Finding the right tech at the right price is a difficult task. We take that job off your shoulders and serve as the middleman between you and our technology partners.

First, we search our technology inventory and then consult our vendor partners to order anything we don’t have on hand.

We’ll let you know ahead of time if new equipment will help solve any of your IT issues, and draft an invoice your TAM will discuss with you during your strategy meeting.

Computer user awareness training

Ironclad security begins with your people. Cybercriminals know they can use your computer users to get their dirty hands on your network. They use social engineering to gain their trust. Next, the user clicks on a button or link or visits a website, and the damage is done.

Anyone can become a victim of social engineering. That’s why Endsight trains your employees on attack detection and prevention and what to do when encountering them.



An Honest Partnership, Unparalleled Service, and Commitment to Your Success

Endsight was born from the idea that small organizations deserve enterprise-level IT. Creating value for our customers is true north, and activities that do not create value are wasteful, or, as the Japanese say, Muda. 

We have a deep understanding of how our work affects your work, so we build systems that not only work but achieve predictable outcomes.

We believe in continuous improvement, and that getting it right is more important than being right. By caring for our purpose to help others thrive, we create value that leads to mutual success.

Your business deserves the best. Your business deserves Endsight. Reach out today, and let’s get started on your free IT assessment

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