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These articles are published by Endsight, a local managed IT services and technical support firm with offices in Berkeley and Napa, serving the Greater San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

We believe that your computer systems help your people and organization thrive. Because a great IT support experience goes deeper than best practices in technology, we also cover topics such as leadership and employee productivity.

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Ditch the Delay: Guide to Uncovering and Accelerating IT Help Desk Efficiency

Understanding the Common Woes Behind a Sluggish Help Desk Running any type of service desk, especially one that deals with IT issues, is never easy. Many simultaneous requests or an especially complex issue can easily overwhelm any support team. However, there are also other root causes of slow..

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Maximizing Business Efficiency through Collaboration and Security

Share, communicate, and collaborate internally and externally – seamlessly. Key Takeaways: Eliminate errors and improve efficiency Enhance data integrity Automate processes Collaborate and scale with ease

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Are You Maximizing the Value of IT Support?

Are you wasting money on IT support? Does my law firm really need this much support? Do you need something different that costs less? These are essential questions for any law firm where technology is integral to daily operations. For law firms, technology creates legal documents, gathers..

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How Can Lawyers and Law Firms Elevate Their Practice with Microsoft Office 365?

For a busy law firm, streamlining processes and increasing productivity is key. And while many tools are available, Microsoft Office 365 remains at the top. Here’s how lawyers and law firms are using Microsoft Office 365 to their advantage. Key Takeaways: Microsoft Office 365 has a host of tools..

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Price vs. Pain: IT Support for Law Firms

Understanding the basics of IT support and cost for law firms is critical to choosing the best for your law firm. Key Takeaways: What does IT support mean? Why it’s crucial to have quality IT support? What is the cost of IT support for a law firm? Discover how using an MSP provides built-in..

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Microsoft Office 365 for Lawyers and Law Firms: What You Need to Know

Boost productivity, increase acquisitions, build industry authority, and more with Microsoft Office 365. Key Takeaways: Microsoft Office 365 lets you do more with robust security and client-pleasing features. Collaboration, communication, and productivity improve. Users (with the proper..

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