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Your business technology should enable you to do your best work. This is possible when your technology aligns with your organizational mission, business model, and workflows. Our aim is that your computer systems empower your people and organization. We believe that a great IT support experience goes deeper than best practices in technology. That is why we speak to leadership and employee productivity as well.

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Recent posts by Jason Clause

The Importance of Unplugging from Technology on Vacation

We live in a very busy and increasingly complex world. We are constantly rushing around, trying to get things done. Media is everywhere. Noise and activity are everywhere. Technology helps us to meet the growing demands of life in a busy world, but if it isn’t properly managed, your technology can..

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5 Accounting Process Red Flags Caused by Business Growth

Many business leaders are caught unaware when the need for new technology or processes catches up with their business growth. Managers might try to use ad hoc solutions or work around the situation until the tipping point occurs. When that time comes, there is a mad rush to implement new systems on..

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Quick Questions Kill Productivity

Most of us probably feel like we have more work to do than available hours in our work week. I'll be the first to admit that I struggle with this. It seems to me like there is always one more phone call to make, one more e-mail to answer, or one more proposal to write.

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Microsoft Office vs. Google Apps: Training Is the Key

For years, small businesses only had one real choice for business productivity software: Microsoft Office. But that may change as web-based applications, delivered via the cloud, flood the market.

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Internet Bandwidth Options

Reliable, high-bandwidth Internet connectivity used to be a “nice to have”, but this is quickly changing. Traditionally, office-based computer users accessed shared computing resources via a local area network (LAN). Internet outages and slowdowns would disrupt web browsing and e-mail but work..

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Make Sense of Your Data with Pivot Tables

I’ve used Microsoft Excel for years as a way to analyze a sales pipeline or as a way to clean up customer lists. I’ve even used many of the rudimentary functions and calculation tools to help me total the cost of a marketing budget or to calculate percentages. But that has really been the extent of..

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These articles are written by the people of Endsight, a locally outsourced IT firm with offices in Berkeley, Napa, and St Helena, serving the Greater San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Articles should be read as expert knowledge from individual contributors and not as Endsight's official stance on included topics.

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