Excellent Customer Experience Starts with Detailed Focus

Article by Mike Chaput on April 05, 2019
Mike Chaput
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The following blog post is an open letter to every employee at Endsight, sent sometime within the past several months. We are providing this for public consumption to benefit the business community and anyone who has a current or future relationship with Endsight.


From: Mike Chaput

To: Endsight

Subject: Excellent customer experience at every opportunity



When I coach youth basketball players how to shoot, I have to correct more than just their bodies. The eye is a critically important element to the shot. Players tend to shoot the ball, and then follow the ball with their eye through the air. This is a terrible habit. Not only must players look and stay focused on the goal, but also it’s important to narrow the focus even further.

I coach players to look at the little hooks where the net hangs from the rim and not to watch the ball in flight.

Business isn’t that different. Our aspirational value of “Excellent customer experience at every opportunity” is about our focus. Just as my basketball where players don’t make every shot, we aren’t going to hit the target for “excellent” client experience every time. After all, many things outside of our control can get in the way. Clients are demanding and sometimes have unrealistic expectations. Sometimes, we just deal with finicky and/or old technology that isn’t working the way it was designed. Maybe it’s cross- platform problems like Google not working with Microsoft.

Regardless, we never want the “reason” for missing our target to be our focus or clarity around our goal.

Last week, I made some follow up calls to customer experience surveys. The good news is that out of all of the clients surveyed only two came back a 6/10 or below. I’m grateful to these clients for the constructive feedback, as they are great opportunities to learn and grow.

One client had a poor experience with a desktop rollout. However, what made this experience even worse is that when we followed up with the client to check in on rework, we charged the client for that follow up time. This was an insult to injury situation.

I wanted to bring this feedback to the team to make sure that we understand the sensitivity to the client experience when we make clerical mistakes on agreements and/or time & billing. This is a tricky issue because we also make clerical or judgment errors in the other direction and don’t bill for things we should. That makes it extremely difficult to run our business on the financial side.

The key learning point is that it pays to give attention to detail on the administrative side of our work and to make sure to understand the subtleties of our agreements about what to bill for and what not to. When judgment is required and you just aren’t confident on what to do, get a second opinion.

If we stay focused on giving the client an excellent experience at every opportunity, we will win more than we lose…so keep up the great work!





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