Thank You for Donating to the Napa Valley Wildfire Relief

Article by Presley Troendly on April 30, 2021
Presley Troendly
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We are reminded again what an amazing, caring, and loving community we live in. Thanks to our clients, community members, and the amazing tech companies we have partnered with, we have raised a total of $13,325 for those affected by the 2020 Napa Valley Wildfires.

It is easy to forget the tragedy that struck last Fall, with everything going on in the world but with nearly 300 homes destroyed in the Glass fires, people are still in need of assistance. The Napa Valley Community Foundation (NVCF) has distributed more than $25 million to assist those affected by disasters in Napa Valley in recent years. Thanks to the help of amazing people like you, we have been able to aid in their assistance.

Over the years, we have seen the love and support of this city overcome many natural disasters. We want to remind people that even though there is currently no immediate need, donating to NVCF throughout the year guarantees there is money when people need it most.

Donating to the Community Impact Funds not only impacts those affected by the fires but so much more. If you are in a position to give back this year, we highly suggest looking into donating to the Napa Valley Community Foundation.

Learn more about the Community Impact Funds:

    • Invest in Youth: prepares children and youth (ages 3-24) to succeed in school and improves their chances of becoming confident and contributing adults.
    • Fight Poverty: supports our Valley neighbors in meeting their basic needs and addresses innovative, affordable housing solutions.
    • Champion Community: empowers residents to feel more secure and engaged in the future of the community.
    • Meet the Moment: helps the most vulnerable in our community recover from, and prepare for, declared disasters in Napa County.
    • Support our Leadership: enables us to tackle the challenges in our region through research, dialogue, and strategic grantmaking.

The Napa Valley Wildfire Relief Match Partners:

Endsight provides IT management and support to create an excellent technology experience for businesses in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area and Napa Valley. 

Business Impact works with businesses to develop processes around pre-existing data to create business intelligence that improves business efficiency and effectiveness. 

Oztera operates out of Napa and serves the wine, agricultural, and manufacturing industries with custom business software solutions. 

Datto provides cloud-based backup and cybersecurity solutions to managed services companies making small to midsized business backup world-class. 

SonicWall provides cutting-edge cybersecurity products that defend and protect the intellectual property of all sizes of businesses from cybercrime. 

Thank you!

Thanks again to everyone that donated to Napa Valley Wildfire Relief Match and everyone that has given their time to rebuild our community!

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