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Prepared to Unlock the Key Benefits of MSP?

Jason Clause
Jason Clause
September 07, 2023

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Ready to experience 7 more key benefits of MSP?

The right keys open the right doors for business success. Finding the right key and door is the catch. The proper Managed Service Provider (MSP) helps unlock the doors to business success by providing necessary IT services so you can focus on what you do best - manage and grow your business. 

IT management is challenging and involves expertise in various services to get work done. From ever-evolving security, data, and network management to help desk support and user management. Businesses can opt to invest in internal IT staff, use an MSP, or a combination of both. In today’s fast-paced business world, IT management requires a proactive approach. 

This guide is the second article in a 3-part series describing the benefits of using an MSP for proactive IT management. Let's dig in.

Key Takeaways:

7 more benefits of using an MSP

  1. Support and IT assistance 24/7/365
  2. Faster response times for IT problems and incidents
  3. Improved data backup and disaster recovery capabilities
  4. Compliance with industry regulations and best practices
  5. Improved productivity and efficiency through streamlined IT processes
  6. Reduction in IT-related stress on internal staff
  7. Customizable IT solutions tailored to your business needs and goals

1. Support and IT assistance 24/7/365

Proactive IT solutions include 24/7/365 monitoring and support. The beauty is resources can access IT support from anywhere at any time. You won't need to limit work hours, so work flexibility improves, especially for remote and hybrid workers. 

Even better is continuous security monitoring. Security threats are active 24/7, and so should your security monitoring and response. The ability to respond to and manage threats quickly and effectively is key to keeping systems and data secure and productive. Work continues to get done efficiently and securely. 

When moving to an MSP with 24/7 support, getting the support you need is essential. Ensure your MSP stipulates what happens every hour of the day. Otherwise, it may seem tickets and issues are delayed through escalation until regular office hours. Make sure a plan exists that covers your business 24/7/365.

2. Faster response times for IT problems and incidents

Response time is the duration it takes to get an answer, or at least contact when a support ticket has been entered. On the other hand, incident response time typically refers to the time it takes to triage and then resolve the issue. 

MSPs have dedicated resources to triage support tickets so they respond to users sooner. Typically, the first response team is a tier-one set of service agents who can handle 90% of service requests. If the issue requires more technical expertise, then it’s moved to the next tier for resolution. 

An MSP team works together to solve issues quickly to ensure customer satisfaction. MSPs use top-of-the-line support and service software that keeps service agents connected to each other and a shared knowledge base of problems and resolutions. Additionally, when security issues or other high alert level issues arise, they are prioritized for immediate resolution by a dedicated security team in most MSPs. MSPs simply wouldn’t be in business long without fast and effective response times to all issues. 

3. Improved data backup and disaster recovery

MSPs create a Backup Data Recovery (BDR) solution. A BDR ensures businesses, and the MSP can continue operating without downtime or data loss after a security incident. MSPs manage the system in a secured location and initialize a BDR for each client. Backing up data ensures it can be recovered quickly with minimal business interruption. 

MSPs leverage different locations and approaches to ensure business data remains secure and easily recoverable. An MSPs reputation and business success require providing customers with secured systems 24/7. If an incident occurs the MSP responds to contain and control the threat and restore data to keep systems up and running. 

4. Compliance with industry regulations and best practices

MSPs have an advantage in knowing and meeting industry regulations and compliance requirements for various industries. MSPs must also meet compliance and regulatory standards regarding security and data management. They also have experts in a variety of international and national government compliance regulations. 

Compliance and regulations evolve continuously and always include deadlines. Managing the work involved to meet new changes and deadlines is challenging. MSPs can meet that challenge through shared teams of experts whose job focuses on ensuring customers are up to date on compliance and regulatory standards. 

5. Improved IT productivity and efficiency through streamlined processes

MSPs offers significant productivity improvements through efficient and streamlined processes. Whether you leverage an MSP for all your IT essentials or use an MSP to fulfill only specific needs, you’ll increase productivity. 

MSPs use modern software that improves task efficiency, communication, and time management so resources can work and be consistently productive. Streamlined and efficient business processes mean resources focus on their work or serving customers instead of tracking errors or re-work. Cost-efficiency is the mantra of an MSP.   Being cost-effective means keeping employee resources and customers both working efficiently and productively. 

6. Reduction in IT-related stress and burden on internal staff

Stress and the workplace are close friends. However, for many internal IT staff, stress is a full-time job. 

Consider managing the security of an entire network and keep it all safe from ever-evolving threats. Add to that keeping a typically complex network system up to date for all software, hardware, and databases. Then, there are user management, access, and help desk issues to manage. 

Everyone needs issues fixed now, plus the system needs updated and security reviewed regularly. When internal IT resources are consistently overwhelmed, it leads to high rates of burnout and turnover. 

MSPs help keep stress and work levels manageable.  IT staff can do their work and leave at a reasonable time without fear. Quality IT work continues to get done with the MSP, either monitoring the security, answering help desk issues, or even performing all network management services. 

Businesses have options with IT and IT providers. MSPs can manage the entire system or work with internal IT staff who provide oversight. Flexible options exist with an MSP to keep systems secure and running smoothly. 

7. Customizable IT solutions tailored to your business needs and goals

MSPs are built with groups of connected experts in various technology services. By partnering with an MSP, businesses benefit from the insight and expertise of a large variety of IT professionals. MSPs provide services that include auditing a system and providing suggestions for improvement. 

Additionally, MSPs can review network systems and processes and suggest solutions to existing issues. Leverage the extensive collection of knowledge within an MSP to provide the highest quality, secure networks, and systems available to keep your business productive and continuously improving. 

Are you ready to benefit from MSP IT Support services?

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