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Your Winning Managed IT Services Strategy

Jenny Cruz
Jenny Cruz
March 08, 2023

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Key Takeaways:

  • What are common IT challenges organizations face when moving to a managed service?
  • How can a well-defined IT strategy help?
  • How does an organization evolve its IT strategy when moving to an MSP?
  • Discover how to ensure a managed IT provider aligns with the organization’s business goals.

Organizations taking on a Managed Service Provider (MSP) relationship require a strong IT strategy. A winning IT strategy guarantees that the organization gets the services they need. Services may include upgrading older equipment, re-working network alignment, and integrating new technology. Businesses using MSPs need an IT strategy that covers all the aspects of the service, including the technologies used. 

This guide discusses how we (Endsight, an MSP) deliver an IT strategy and organize technology to keep businesses successfully moving forward.

What are common IT challenges organizations face when moving to a managed service?

Moving to managed services from an internal IT group presents several challenges. First, many internal IT departments support older hardware and infrastructure architectures. Replacing older technology can be both costly and time-consuming since you’ll need both the MSP and the old system running until the transformation is complete. 

But why are businesses still using outdated infrastructure? The main reasons are cost, inadequate IT consulting expertise, or unplanned growth that can no longer be ignored. Budgeting is essential – and that’s where an MSP comes in. MSP implementations are faster and more cost-effective and can typically be completed without interrupting the current business flow. 

Another aspect is fear – fear that the system will go down and have severe and complex issues that will impact productivity. For example, some businesses are still holding onto using Windows 7. Using old technology leaves a business vulnerable to cybersecurity threats and impacts a business’s ability to grow successfully into the future. 

Don’t let fear hold you back. New technologies provide higher levels of security, data management, and business analytics that can help make actionable and effective business decisions. 

MSP services should include one-on-one consultation opportunities with advisors with knowledge and expertise in each area of IT to help businesses decide how to create their unique, secure, optimally functioning system. 

How can a well-defined IT strategy help?

Businesses need a well-defined IT strategy to assist in aligning technology and operations to effectively meet business goals. An IT strategy sets clear goals based on solid business decisions. When a company wants to grow and improve, the technology supporting the company must also evolve. A well-defined IT strategy enables businesses to meet objectives, differentiate themselves from their competition and provide greater customer value.

A solid IT strategy enables businesses to:

  • Identify bottlenecks in business workflows and systems. 
    • Find the technology that’s holding the business back or does not enable growth. 
  • Lower operation costs.
    • Informed budgeting when changes and decisions are known and planned can help to avoid IT budgeting mistakes.
  • Competitive advantage increases when businesses plan for future needs. 
    • Understanding new technology and its impact on the future of business makes it easier to adopt, which often provides a leg up on the competition.

IT strategy helps the business move in the right direction to meet its goals over time. IT strategy includes making decisions on platforms, applications, database use, data center use or decommission, and security. Even the simple applications used within the business every day, such as Azure, Google Workspace, and Microsoft 365 (M365), need an approach in the IT strategy.

How does an organization evolve its IT strategy when moving to an MSP?

An MSP should provide advice and input on the IT strategy to help the business grow not just now but for five or more years into the future. MSPs are there for consulting help and to build a realistic and actionable IT strategy within the business budget.

IT strategies change as a business grows or evolves. Companies must leverage data and use modern analytics that provide fact-based metrics for better business decisions. Additionally, IT strategies must account for continuous security needs. Monitoring, updating, and keeping all your valuable business data safe is essential for business success and continuity.

When using an MSP, the IT strategy includes taking advantage of quick response times and 24/7 monitoring. An exceptional MSP helps businesses create a sound, actionable IT strategy that meets budget and financial needs. MSPs can assist businesses directly with network, design, setup, and maintenance plans. MSP architects and account managers ensure that the IT strategy moves the business forward effectively.

At Endsight, each customer gets an IT strategist (Technical Account Manager) who works with the business to ensure their business goals are met across the system. They help businesses build the system that best meets their future needs. We work to fully understand where your business is going, and we’ll be there to help you get there with fewer bumps and bruises. Clients are always in control, but our experts are present to bring attention to issues with options that provide solutions.

Are you ready to benefit from managed services? 

On the fence concerning managed services? Need advice or a quick assessment to see where your IT strategy stands? Endsight is an exceptional MSP partner that helps keep your business not only up and running – but running ahead of the competition. Get your free assessment today and see how we can help your business get ahead.


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