Why Choose a Managed Service for Your Small Business Computer Network

Article by Steve Mannion on June 19, 2008
Steve Mannion
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Traditional IT outsourcing options are limited:

  • Network and server maintenance is performed intermittently (once per week/month) or not at all
  • Resolution time on staff computer problems is poor, and internal staff resources are often required to assist
  • Response time for server and network-related problems is often inadequate
  • Time-consuming and tedious-yet critical-tasks like desktop maintenance frequently go undone
  • Maintenance tasks that require a system to be off-line or rebooted are difficult and often ignored
  • Strategic thinking and guidance is insufficient or nonexistent
  • Costs are high and unpredictable

Managing IT internally has other drawbacks:

  • Full-time IT employees are very expensive. The average salary for a Network Administrator in northern California is $60,000/year, not including payroll taxes, workers compensation, benefits, and soft costs such as time off, office space and equipment
  • Turnover in IT is high and the cost to recruit is significant, not to mention the cost of going without IT support while looking for replacement staff
  • Because IT is a rapidly changing field, it is time-consuming and expensive to provide the training necessary to keep IT employees up-to-date
  • Many IT management tasks are most efficiently performed when automated with tools and technology. This is the only way to ensure consistency. Yet the tools and technology to do this are outside the financial reach of most small businesses
  • One technician, no matter how good, can't match the knowledge and experience of a full team of engineers. A company that specializes in IT can maintain experts in areas that may only be needed a few times in a year. A team of IT professionals can share their information and skills, giving each member the benefit of the entire team's knowledge
  • Dealing with IT is a distraction from an organization's core business and absorbs time and other resources that can be better allocated elsewhere

A Managed service provider eliminates these and many other problems commonly associated with traditional IT outsourcing and Internal IT staff. Managed services frees small businesses to concentrate on what they do best, confident that their networks are being managed by trusted experts who are dedicated to helping their business succeed. Managed services combine highly trained IT professionals with sophisticated automation and remote management technology. Managed services ensure your network is always reliable by preventing most technical problems and resolving others quickly. Simply put, there's not a better IT solution for your small business.

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