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On-Site Services

Many different types of companies offer on-site services, and IT support is not an exception. Even though we try to solve tasks remotely as quickly as possible, there are still numerous reasons for field engineers to go to a client’s site. Those reasons can be broken down into three broad categories: troubleshooting, special projects, and pre-scheduled support. There is also the added benefit of building and improving client relationships. Some people might feel an issue is not enough of a problem to warrant calling in and waiting for assistance, but if they see a familiar face, they might feel more comfortable mentioning their issue.


Remote troubleshooting is the quickest way to assist the client; however, it is not always possible. When troubleshooting escalates to an on-site visit, the engineer that was initially helping you on the phone will reach out to the Account Specialist to determine who should be dispatched, depending on what problem you are having. They will either send a member of the Quick Response Team (QRT) that works with the Response Center or a Field Engineer that works with Professional Services.

The Account Specialist would only deploy a QRT if the issues are undetermined over the phone and require a technician to handle the machine to get further information. If they can identify the problem, and it is a surface issue they will resolve it during that visit; however, if it requires ordering parts or additional knowledge of the device, the QRT will have to reach out to Professional Services to schedule a field engineer to complete the project.

Special Projects

Upon on-boarding, a project engineer or engineers will come onsite to do an analysis of the client's network. They will then hand off that data to the assigned Technical Account Manager to design a comprehensive plan to present to the client to promote and support business needs. Another reason for an on-site special project is to ensure minimal business interruptions and prevent reoccurring surface issues, such as old machines going down or possible issues with new equipment not being able to work with the existing setup.

Hardware budgets are easy to estimate. Aside from industry and company size, they only vary slightly based on the business and its growth trajectory. Many IT service companies throw their hands in the air and give you a ball park estimate that usually has you dipping into your cash reserves more than what was promised. Endsight does this differently. We create a reasonable expectation and a plan to upgrade your network over time, instead of having to rush the process and cause a financial burden.

Pre-scheduled Support

Planning for IT services can save you time and money, much like regular car maintenance such as changing your oil or rotating your tires . Having a pre-scheduled visit with your IT provider can keep things running smoother for longer. The client should plan to pre-schedule regular maintenance visits, business moves, network auditing, computer network configurations, and setups.

If you know you are going to have an office move in a few weeks, inform your Technical Account Specialist. This way, they can plan a form of action of all the things they will need to make the transition seamless. By making sure, the new site is equipped for the system you are currently using or order what very is required to do so. There is nothing worse than a panicked client that has moved into a new space and finds that they do not have enough powerful enough WiFi to have all their staff be able to work at the same time.

Network auditing is a process that maps your network in terms of both software and hardware. This is important because it is always changing, even with the most diligent network administrator, audits need to be reoccurring, as users add devices and install software they need without informing the administrator not realizing these small changes can dramatically affect the network security

Growing businesses will also want to consider getting assistance with computer network configurations and setup. Hiring more employees is supposed to make your company more efficient, having to wait to get them set up is the exact opposite. Endsight suggests that once your new employee confirms their start date, to inform your Account Specialist immediately with all important new hire information, specifically the start date. Ensuring an engineer has the new user setup on their calendar and will have the work done the day before their start date.

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