The Endsight Response Center: 3 New Help Desk Features

Article by Presley Troendly on July 09, 2020
Presley Troendly
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We listened to our clients and have some exciting news that has come out of it. Through a variety of ways, from surveys to strategy sessions to root cause analysis, we have pinpointed a handful of areas for development.   

These changes are not only efficient, but also have a positive impact on our customers. You now can quickly contact the help desk engineer working on your issue, resetting your passwords is no longer a hassle, and now it only takes one click to let us know how your experiences with Endsight is going. It’s developments like this that continually improve our customer’s long-term success.

Help Desk Feature #1:  Reach Specific IT Support Engineer

Our previous support phone system was fantastic. It allowed you to quickly get to the first available support engineer. But what if you need to reach a specific engineer? With the old system, the only way was to call the mainline and get transferred. Now with our dial by name directory, we have put the power into the hands of our customers.  

All you will need to know is the first and last name of the engineer assisting you, which should be included in your ticket confirmation email. If email is the problem, and you don’t have the name of the engineer, no worries. You can still call the mainline and someone can still help you get in touch with the right person.  

Also, if you get a voicemail box of the engineer you are trying to reach, you will have an option to go back to the mainline. Why is this important? If you have a time-sensitive issue leaving a message can be counterproductive. Hopping back to the mainline will give you the option to have a new engineer help you with the time-sensitive issue and can update the original engineer if additional work still needs to be done. 

Help Desk Feature #2: Encrypted Password Reset

We forget passwords daily, and it is always when something important is due, or it is a hectic day at work. The last thing you want to do is play phone tag with your IT support staff to reset a password. Why the back and forth in the first place? Passwords are the first line of defense for your company's network security. So specific protocols need to be in place, whether that be over the phone or encrypted messages.

In the past, we did this over the phone. However, connecting over the phone is hit or miss. And when a connection is made, a strong password is often challenging to deliver over the phone correctly (the first time anyway).

To make this process seamless and still provide the security required, we have implemented an encryption tool that will allow us to email a one-time use link to the new password. This new system eliminates the need for phone tag, as you can open the email when it works best for you. This process makes stray emails useless to a hacker.

What if the email is intercepted on its way to your mailbox? We will know right away as the link will not work for you, which is an advantage. Hackers could slip under the radar if they gained access by using a password instead of forcing their way in. The error you will receive when trying to open the password link will let you know to contact us, triggering our threat detection response. Locking the potential threat out and regaining your access straightaway. 

Help Desk Feature #3:  Better Feedback Loop

At Endsight, we are fiercely committed to helping our customers thrive. In order to do this, we seek feedback and listen. To do this, we survey every single customer after a ticket is closed.   All they need to do is click one button (smiley faces that are happy, neutral, and sad) in the follow up email. Then it gives the option to expand on feedback. This is where we get the majority of our suggestions from customers. These come in the form of direct suggestions, as well as usage statistics.

These reviews provide a quick snapshot of what is working and where we can improve, with little impact to our customers' time. Even if the response does not have a comment, merely checking a smiley face can identify common reactions to recurring issues. As we identify trends, we can research new tools and features that will improve the experience for our clients in the future.

With open communication from our clients, we allow the market to tell us how to improve. After all, it’s our customers who are getting the benefit. This is how we sharpen our focus.  Every piece of feedback helps our customers flourish with a better technical support experience and a healthier computer network.

How to take your IT support to the next level:

If you are an Endsight customer, keep doing what you are doing. Year-over-year, we get more and more feedback. We have worked hard in creating feedback loops through support ticket surveys, customer reviews, strategy sessions, and root cause analysis (detecting the source of serious issues). Know that we are listening and want to see you thrive! 

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