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Price vs. Pain: IT Support for Law Firms

Jason Clause
Jason Clause
July 07, 2023

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Understanding the basics of IT support and cost for law firms is critical to choosing the best for your law firm.

Key Takeaways:

  • What does IT support mean?
  • Why it’s crucial to have quality IT support?
  • What is the cost of IT support for a law firm?
  • Discover how using an MSP provides built-in cost-effective IT support

Attorneys and their support staff need effective IT systems management, but if you’re a small firm, the probability of having a robust internal IT department is low. Hiring an IT Managed Services Provider (MSP) for small to medium-sized firms is the most efficient and cost-effective option.

Cybersecurity is essential for law office IT management but takes superior expertise. Law firms have become prime targets for cybercriminals who want to expose, sell, or otherwise steal confidential information. Digitalizing law firms’ sensitive documents and the increasing sophistication of online criminals raises risk. 

Discover the benefits of using an MSP for IT support and security, along with payment options to consider.

What does IT support mean?

IT support is commonly thought of as providing help desk support to employees via phone or in person. However, IT support is much more than help desk support using software applications or devices. IT support is critical for securing and protecting business, user, customer, and employee data from unauthorized access. 

IT support services include: 

  • System, device, data, and user security
    • Security that protects data and access to secure systems
  • Desktop support for PCs, laptops, and other hardware
    • Keeping hardware and software updated to the latest versions
  • Email and SMS messaging administration
    • Managing and monitoring communication systems 
  • Network management 
    • Keeping the system connectivity up and running for business operations
  • Data management 
    • Securing and storing data records, both digital and hard copy
  • User training and onboarding new staff members
    • Setting up new users with system access
    • Providing and maintaining employee hardware and other devices
  • Regulatory compliance
    • Monitoring and ensuring all legal obligations

IT support is a major undertaking that requires skilled and specialized staff. The critical nature of an IT system makes IT support the single most important business operation.

Why is it crucial to have quality IT support?

Quality legal advice is critical to winning a case. In the same way, quality IT support makes the difference between meeting business commitments and having cybersecurity issues that cause the firm to pay fines and manage a loss of customer trust and brand reputation.

The consequences of poor IT support include: 

  • Low employee productivity due to system downtime or lack of performance
  • Data breaches resulting in financial and reputational losses
  • Unsupported complex computer systems required to run the business
  • Inability to access critical data, including customer and legal documents

Regardless of the size or type of business, IT support is critical for growth and survival. Many law firms rely on IT MSPs for cost-effective, thorough, high-quality support.

What is the cost of IT support for a law firm?

The good news is MSPs have various pricing plans to meet nearly any firm’s operational needs and budget restrictions. The problem is the varied pricing models that make getting a specific figure impossible without first having an MSP assess the firm's IT support needs and requirements. It doesn’t make sense to pay for IT support and not know what you’re paying for or the results you’ll get. With an MSP, you get scalable, quality, and cost-effective pricing based on your needs.

Common IT support pricing models include:

  • Fixed fee contracts
    • Pay a flat or fixed fee based on your assessment findings for need and service types
  • Per device or user
    • Pay a fixed price per user 
  • Menu pricing based on services used
    • Pay based on the services used and the quantity
  • Hourly
    • Pay an hourly rate whenever services are rendered
  • Pay-per-Use
    • Pay for the services and quantity of services you use each month

The best option is typically the fixed fee for defined services and service levels. The benefit of a fixed fee is the price is stable. However, the trick is ensuring all the IT support services needed are included in the fixed fee. Another solid option is the pay-per-use. By paying for only what you use, you get the services required at a scalable amount. Even if the overall price varies depending on the IT support circumstances each month, you can easily scale it up or down.

Benefits of leveraging an MSP for cost-effective IT support services

There are many benefits to using an MSP for IT support services, including:

  • Ability to focus on your core business, instead of IT
  • Security is handled continuously by security experts
  • Systems are supported 24/7, so help is always there when needed
  • No need to hire, train, and manage an IT staff

IT support is critical to all businesses in the modern world. The value of the business, user, and customer data is high, as is the risk of stolen or compromised data. Data breaches and other security incidents can cause financial losses, hits to your good reputation, and more.

The technology in business systems runs our world. Most business data is stored and communicated digitally. The same with business communications via email, phone, text, or SMS systems. Everything critical to a business is digital and usually connected. Whenever systems are connected, they are vulnerable to cyber security attacks. Keep your business moving positively and leverage an MSP for IT support, including vital and continuous security practices and monitoring.

Are you ready to benefit from MSP IT support services?

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