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When Good IT Advice Goes Bad: What Your Law Firm Needs to Know

Jason Clause
Jason Clause
September 19, 2023

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Learn what wat to do if your law firm is not getting good IT advice? 


You wouldn't tolerate a paralegal who can't draft a simple motion or an associate that misses deadlines. So why, oh why, would you settle for anything less than impeccable IT advice?

Law firms exist in a world of advice. Every day, they provide it, and every day, they're expected to hit the mark. Yet, isn't it startling that some law firms readily accept lackluster IT advice, which arguably forms the backbone of their operations?

Symptoms of Poor IT Strategy

Before delving into the underlying causes, let’s first identify some warning signs that your IT advice might be off the mark:

  1. Recurring Issues: If you're continually patching up the same tech issues, it's not a solution – it's a band-aid. Effective IT strategies pre-empt problems, they don’t endlessly react to them.
  2. Lack of Forward Planning: Does your IT strategy consider the next 6 months? The next year? Or is it purely reactionary, responding only to the crisis of the day?
  3. Unexpected Downtime: While no system is immune to occasional glitches, frequent, unexpected downtime is a symptom of poor planning and foresight.
  4. Misaligned Tech Choices: Are you equipped with tools that genuinely fit your firm's needs, or does it feel like placing a square peg in a round hole?
  5. Limited Understanding of Law Firms: If your IT provider's suggestions don't seem tailored to the unique demands of a law firm, it might be time to question their expertise in your niche.

The Crux of the Matter

Dig deeper, and you’ll notice it's not just about lapses or occasional misses. Many IT providers bypass the very essentials needed for a law firm's success: evaluating the current IT landscape, comparing it to industry benchmarks, pinpointing discrepancies, and presenting coherent solutions.

Real IT strategy isn't about fixing what's broken today. It's about planning for tomorrow, next month, next year. And it's delivered consistently, adhering to a regular cadence, which should be managed by the vendor, not the law firm. If your firm is continuously firefighting IT issues, it's time to ask: "Where's the strategy?"

The Bigger Picture: Challenges in the Outsourced IT Industry

Law firms are in the business of expert advice. If their IT providers don’t measure up, it's a stark contrast to the professional excellence the firm exemplifies daily. The challenges of the managed services industry aren’t just IT issues; they impact the heart of a law firm’s strategic operation:

  1. Pricing: The drive to cut costs is omnipresent. Many providers, 70% in fact, charge under $150/user/month. Such pricing might seem tempting, but it often comes at the expense of comprehensive services. If your IT partner is cutting corners to meet low price points, they're likely neglecting essential strategic elements beneficial to your firm.

  2. Inspection: IT providers might focus more on tasks you can visibly observe, sidelining those you can’t. If they're only tending to issues that have your immediate attention, they might be ignoring long-term strategic planning, leaving your firm susceptible to unforeseen tech pitfalls down the line.

  3. Scale: The industry brims with smaller players. A whopping 64% of IT providers have fewer than 25 employees. While size isn't a direct measure of efficiency, smaller outfits might lack the bandwidth to juggle immediate tech issues and strategic forward planning concurrently. The result? Patchy, inconsistent IT strategies for your law firm.

  4. Leadership: When firms are led primarily by tech-focused leaders, there's a risk of sidelining business and strategy aspects. The race to offer the latest tech may lead to misalignments between tech provisions and your firm's actual needs.

  5. Labor Market: The tech labor market is sizzling, with demand far outstripping supply. For every qualified candidate, there are at least eight vacancies. Such scarcity often leads to hurried hires, which can impact the strategic input you receive. Fresh recruits, unclear job roles, and overstretched teams can result in advice that's reactive, rather than strategic.

  6. Cybersecurity: In the era of digital threats, cybersecurity isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity. Yet, the industry often grapples with equipping itself against cyber threats. Lapses in cybersecurity measures aren't just about potential breaches; they reflect a lack of strategic foresight.

Demand the Best: Your Law Firm Deserves It

It’s not about technology; it's about trust, reliance, and the assurance that the advice your firm receives is sound, strategic, and tailored for success. Don't just aim for good IT advice; demand the best. Your law firm deserves nothing less.

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