Your Law Firm Needs a Managed IT Provider - Here's Why

Article by Samuel Hatton on February 08, 2023
Samuel Hatton
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Key Takeaways:

  • What are IT-managed services?
  • What are the top ten benefits of using managed IT services in law firms?
  • Learn the impact of customer experience on business revenue and growth.
  • Discover the business value and cost savings available with managed services.
  • Find out how to spend more time on the law and less time performing non-productive work.

The speed and success of any business revolve around technology. Keeping up with the latest innovations in the field, from software version updates and security changes to providing 24/7 customer service, is challenging to manage. Business revenue and growth in the future depend on technology. 

The tech industry is forcing the legal industry toward digital transformation. Law firms are not exempt from the pressures of managing ever-evolving technology, security, and legal compliance requirements, along with providing a high-quality customer experience. How can law firms keep their focus on clients and performing tasks that benefit the firm’s revenue and growth? 

Consider reaping the benefits of digital transformation and using managed services (MSPs) for IT support for your service desk and help desk needs so your attorneys can focus on serving clients and not get distracted by having to manage security, servers, and other IT-related tasks.

This guide describes the benefits of using an MSP for network, security, and data management services for law firms that are worth every penny. 

What are IT-managed services?

IT-managed services providers are third-party businesses that provide business information technology services. MSPs use cloud technology to offload general tasks so internal team members can focus on performing work specific to the law firm’s business. After all, if you’re working in a law firm, you’re likely an expert in the law, not technology. Having an MSP manage the business technology enables law experts to focus on their primary role. 

MSPs have the technical expertise and specialized skill sets to help law firms leverage the latest technology to improve business processing workflows and keep a network up and running for smoother business operations. MSPs also provide skilled expertise in cybersecurity and compliance requirements for law firms. By continuously monitoring security threats and keeping systems up to date, law firms avoid data security issues. According to a recent study by IBM, the average cost of a data breach is $4.42 million

MSPs provide technology services that range from managing an entire business network to providing help desk or service desk assistance to users anywhere, at any time. Keep law experts focused on serving clients and building revenue for the firm rather than trying to manage complex technology systems and networks. 

The top ten benefits of using managed services for law firms

A law firm business benefits from MSP in many ways. The most appealing reasons for the business are the low investment for high returns. By using an MSP, the business receives high-quality network management resources, cloud storage, and trained IT experts to keep it all up and running effectively without significant monetary investment. MSPs charge subscription fees based on your unique business needs. 

The top ten benefits of using an MSP include: 

  1. Data and System Security Management
    • Remote continuous threat monitoring
    • User access management
    • Software application security management
    • Remote access management
    • Security systems compliance
  2. Document Management
    • Ongoing compliance management ensures that legal requirements are met
    • 24/7 secure access to documents from anywhere
    • Version control and document edit protection
  3. Reduced Operation Costs
    • Increase Revenue growth and competitive advantage
    • MSPs are paid by subscription for specific services, so there’s no need to manage or       hire, to  keep the computer systems  all updated and working
  4. Improved Time Management
    • Employees focus on providing client services in the legal realm rather than supporting computer networks
  5. Reliable Tech Support
    • Access to experts for assistance with simple end-user requests and questions or to resolve issues from anywhere is available all day, any day
  6. Anytime Customer Access
    • Helps firms meet changing customer needs and requirements
    • Provide customer portals for online payments, document upload, and personalized communication whenever customers need it
  7. Secure Online Access from Anywhere
    • Improve productivity by increasing flexibility
    • Support remote work with secure network access from anywhere
  8. Increased Collaboration
    • Improve communication access to customers and fellow firm employees 
    • Free up legal employees’ time so they can focus on their primary job
    • More focused employees increase the company’s bottom line and provide a better customer experience
  9. Increased client focus through manual process automation
    • Administrative tasks clog up a workday – spend more time practicing law and serving clients by automating manual processes 
  10. Backup and Disaster Recovery Management
    • Business data is the lifeblood of any business, and MSPs provide protective measures to keep data secure even in emergencies and disasters
    • Failover systems keep data intact and usable without having to recreate work 

Are you ready to focus on clients?

Keeping up with security across a network is a serious time and resource commitment. MSPs provide the expertise to protect and monitor cybersecurity threats to both systems and business data. The legal industry uses and produces extensive amounts of documents relative to client and business needs. Keeping it secure, controlled, and accessible are imperative to fulfilling client expectations and building business revenue. Supporting a business network system is a daunting task best suited to technology experts in the business of securing and managing data and networks. Law firms are in the business of providing legal services to clients. Grow your firm and improve customer experience and employee engagement by focusing on what you do best – practicing law.

Need help selecting and implementing managed services in your law firm? Endsight is your MSP partner, 24/7. Endsight keeps your business up and running using the latest advanced technology for security and network access management. Get your free assessment today and see how Endsight can help your firm grow by focusing on your superpower: the law.

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