Is Microsoft 365 Security Sufficient for Your Business?

Article by Jason Clause on February 07, 2024
Jason Clause
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Are you wondering if Microsoft 365 has the effective security your business needs?

In this age of threats, ransomware, phishing, and continuous security attacks, can you be sure your business is safe with Microsoft 365? Are you certain Microsoft 365 is more secure than previous non-cloud versions or competitors like AWS? 

After all, the Windows operating system has long been a popular target for cyber-attacks, with 93.28% of detected ransomware files being Windows executables. 

Part of the reason Microsoft is a target is because of its widespread business and personal use, and early vulnerabilities that resulted in successful payouts for cyber criminals. Microsoft 365 is the cloud-based version of the Windows system. One advantage of using the cloud version is that Microsoft then controls all cloud server maintenance and patch updates. 

Microsoft 365 users also get access to additional robust and advanced security options, including MFA (multi-factor authentication), data encryption, compliant data protections, access management, and other advanced threat protections to protect your business assets. 

Learn in this guide what businesses need to know about Microsoft 365 security and the advanced options available.

Key Takeaways:

  • Microsoft 365 subscriptions come with top quality security tools capable of protecting against cyber-attacks. 
  • Learn about Microsoft 365’s security features and roadmap for securing your business future.
  • Endsight has the Microsoft 365 expertise for your business needs and much more.  

Is Microsoft 365 secure enough for your business?

The short answer is yes, Microsoft 365 is more secure than ever and improving daily. Current Microsoft 365 subscribers can choose from many security options built into every subscription plan. Microsoft 365 business basic, standard, and premium plans include anti-phishing, anti-spam, and anti-malware protection. 

The business premium subscription provides more advanced cybersecurity protection for:

  • Devices and endpoints
  • Email and other communication software systems
  • Data encryption features with loss prevention and sensitivity labels

A Microsoft 365 subscription is a business’s first and best line of defense against ever-changing cybersecurity attack types and methods. Once you’re in Microsoft 365, your business can enjoy security and productivity with these features:

  • MFA
  • Admin account permissions
  • Selecting pre-built security policies
  • Secure all devices and connection endpoints
  • Use email securely 
  • Use Teams for secure collaboration
  • Configure file sharing settings based on permissions
  • Leverage Microsoft 365 apps with built-in security
  • Securely share calendars

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Is Microsoft 365 more secure than its competitors?

It depends on who you ask. Every cloud provider is serious about security for customers and their own systems and networks. Security is constantly changing, forcing providers to innovate rapidly to keep business users and systems secure. Many do believe that Microsoft 365’s security features are superior to competitors. 

For many, Microsoft 365 creates a more intuitive interface to customize security options. Users can take advantage of pre-built security packages and tutorials to verify security configurations are correct and provide the highest security level. One pre-configured option is Microsoft Defender. Defender for business offers an easy-to-use menu of security options to choose from that can protect networks, endpoints, and devices. 

Microsoft MSPs (Managed Service Provider) have additional tools available to enable remote monitoring and system management. If you don’t want the hassle of securing your business systems, Microsoft MSPs are providers with expertise in Microsoft 365 security. 

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How can a business enhance Microsoft 365 security? 

Microsoft users have options for securing business systems, including devices, networks, and connection endpoints like databases and APIs. 

Best practices for implementing Microsoft 365 security include:

  • Signing up for a business plan
  • Set up your environment security, including adding users, assigning licenses, and configuring the domain
  • Set up front-line security measures like MFA 
  • Create a zero-trust policy where user permissions are heavily restricted and reserved for true IT admins
  • Secure all devices, including employee’s personal devices, that interact with your network
  • Secure email
  • Set up Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive for secure real-time collaboration, document sharing, and communication
  • Train your employees to spot and report suspected phishing emails or other communications
  • Create a security mitigation and response plan so you are prepared to handle an attack

Boosting your security defenses is critical. So is training employees not to fall prey to phishing scams via email, social media, or other communication channels. Once your business is secured, have Microsoft or a Microsoft MSP review your security configuration. 

Security reviews help ensure configuration settings are correct and nothing has been missed. Reviews also help to spot problem areas, or systems that may require extra vigilance. Leverage the expertise of Microsoft MSPs and protect your business and its future. 

What are Microsoft 365’s plans for securing the future?

Today’s business organizations need to proactively secure systems and reduce risk. Continuous security monitoring and detection are required to keep attacks under control and your business networks and data secure. Microsoft 365 is invested in securing the future including the following active initiatives:

  • Extending multi-cloud visibility for proactive breach prevention
    • As businesses integrate different clouds and apps, they provide proactive monitoring, threat detection, and resolution. 
  • Provide multi-cloud monitoring free in subscription packages
    • Security monitoring is critical for tracking and spotting attacks lingering in your system.
  • Prevent malware upload and distribution automatically in near real-time
    • Nothing is better than stopping an attack before it can impact your system or network.
  • Provide management of vulnerability risk across cloud deployments
    • Multiple cloud deployments mean more risk for security vulnerabilities.
  • Improve and expand endpoint security protections
    • Provide tools that effectively secure endpoints from databases, APIs, and devices. 

Most importantly, Microsoft is investing resources into keeping customers secure now and in the future. 

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Microsoft 365 provides a variety of business plans that include security. Is Microsoft more secure than other providers? The answers are all over the place. However, Microsoft 365 believes in providing the advanced security tools and applications necessary to keep a business secure from cyber-attacks. 

Microsoft 365 MSPs also help with reviewing and assessing security as well as helping businesses leave nothing to chance. Make the most of your Microsoft 365 subscription and ensure your security configuration and planning with the help of a Microsoft 365 partner.  

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