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Article by Jenny Cruz on March 13, 2023
Jenny Cruz
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Key Takeaways:

  • What does the onboarding process look like?
  • How is end-user training done?
  • What are some common challenges new customers face during onboarding?
  • Discover how Endsight keeps the customer in focus by addressing challenges promptly and professionally.

At Endsight, a big part of doing business is getting customers onboarded efficiently. But it’s more than that. Onboarding gets the process started and enables Endsight’s experts to help create a workable IT strategy that meets the business’s budget and technology needs. Account managers organize the process to deliver each initiative and get the company in a better network and technology position. 

This guide describes how Endsight onboards clients with fewer headaches and delivers quality IT technology services that routinely exceed customer expectations.

What does the Endsight onboarding process look like?

Our onboarding process revolves around making the process easy. Endsight believes in continuous communication and collaboration to ensure the customer’s needs are met. Whether they’re new to managed or cloud services or replacing an existing MSP, we follow a plan and always keep them in the loop. 

A great deal of critical and secure information must be exchanged during onboarding, including system passwords, technology expiration dates, rental information if applicable, and getting Endsight agents into the system and ready to work. 

The Endsight onboarding process includes: 

  • Kickoff call with the customer to review needs and expectations. 
    • Review Endsight’s processes and procedures with the customer. Ensure both parties are aligned on expectations for service, performance, and system service details. 
  • Execute a discovery process to investigate the current system to find out what technology can be optimized, changed, or needs to be replaced. 
    • Our experts review the customer’s system and develop solutions to issues found. 
    • Sometimes customers don’t understand their network system thoroughly, so we provide them with relevant and important information so the business can make solid network decisions. 
    • If Endsight finds critical security risks or other problems needing immediate correction, the customer is informed so a solution can be chosen and deployed immediately. 
  • FAQ discussion where the customer can ask questions and get immediate answers. 
    • Similar to a Q&A session and provides an introduction between Endsight team members, the customers, and the customer’s employees. 
    • Q&A sessions allow the teams to connect and get to know each other or put a face to the names when they contact the service for help. 
  • Account manager handoff
    • Account managers ensure the customer’s needs are met and assist in creating the network or IT strategy
    • IT strategy includes full communication of items found during the discovery process and how best to address them based on priority. 
  • End-user training sessions to ensure employees and customers understand how to use Endsight services and feel comfortable reaching out. 
    • Meetings are held online, as necessary, to ensure employees have the information they need to get the most out of Endsight services easily and quickly, 24/7. 
    • We even have an Endsight onboarding video for new employees that startafter onboarding is complete.
  • Periodic check-in calls
    • Includes review of asset management details so budgeting is planned for items like rental agreements or third-party hardware or software renewals.
    • Status updates on work, including analytics for services like help desk support. 
    • Gather customer feedback on our services and make necessary changes – or congratulate the team for a job well done. 

How is end-user training done?

End-user training is done using Microsoft Teams’ online meeting platform. End users in the office and remote workers can actively participate or watch a recorded presentation when it’s convenient for them. 

End-user training provides detailed information on how to contact Endsight for support and what they can expect. Additionally, we provide schedule information for timed system reboots, updates, and maintenance. Maintenance occurs as scheduled, and users know what to expect before it causes a problem. 

During training, the auditing of each user device is explained – why it’s done, how it’s done, and any impacts on their daily work routine. Auditing isn’t spyware, but a method of ensuring device performance and maintenance needs. Training includes reviewing issue tickets entered, explaining where they go, and what to expect. End-user training provides all the information needed to get to work for employees. 

Then, there’s our complimentary cybersecurity fundamentals training, which aims to bring awareness of the latest trends and best practices to help reduce cyber risk for our customers and business community. Human error is the leading cause of data breaches around the world, but when you know what to look for, the mistakes that create these breaches are easily preventable. This training covers everything from networks, workstations, and the wild wild web, to email, personal habits, and examples of phishing attacks.

What are common challenges new customers face during onboarding?

Onboarding challenges come from the customer’s current IT operations or, if the MSP is being replaced with Endsight, they come from the exiting MSP. Most challenges slow the transfer and prevent the business from moving forward. 

Common onboarding challenges include: 

  • Determining which type of cloud service fits the client's needs.
    • Private clouds work well when data cannot be stored outside the U.S. 
    • Do you want to save money or maintain a data center? 
    • Private clouds offer services that function like hosting and managing an internal system. 
    • Public clouds provide access to Azure, M365, or Google Apps to meet business application needs. 
  • Understand how cloud-based security protects business data. 
    • Customers often hesitate to hand over admin passwords and provide documentation. 
    • When moving from another MSP, the former MSP often holds up the process by moving slowly to transfer access to all assets. 
  • Cooperation from end users to install new software and updates at a convenient time. 

Endsight overcomes challenges by actively and professionally pursuing the information needed. Dedicated onboarding engineers handle getting the information like a project manager role. Onboarding engineers are dedicated solely to getting the information needed from end users, former MSPs, or IT personnel to move the onboarding process forward efficiently.

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