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These articles are published by Endsight, a local managed IT services and technical support firm with offices in Berkeley and Napa, serving the Greater San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

We believe that your computer systems help your people and organization thrive. Because a great IT support experience goes deeper than best practices in technology, we also cover topics such as leadership and employee productivity.

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Are Macs More Secure? It Depends.

Macs have plenty of built-in security, but it is often not enough. Key Takeaways: Macs have a reputation for being more secure This is why they are becoming more popular in business But there’s been a sharp uptick in attacks Built-in protections are a good start… However, sometimes Apple is its own..

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Are Phishing & Ransomware Connected?

Time for phishing prevention? How phishing attacks have become the primary vector for ransomware delivery. Not quite the reunion a business had in mind, but an old familiar friend has returned. Phishing attacks are now the top vector for ransomware delivery. They involve cyber criminals sending..

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CA Bar Formal Opinion 2010-179

Summary: Attorneys have a Duty of Confidentiality and of competence to clients. Information accessed by unauthorized parties due to misuse of technology is increasing – consulting with an expert to understand the best practices with technological use is required.

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Is Your SMB Ready for Ransomware?

Why should SMBs reallocate their cybersecurity spending to fight ransomware? A strong cybersecurity strategy is essential for Small to Medium-Sized Businesses (SMBs). But why are so many SMBs ignoring cybersecurity when ransomware continues to rise? Ransomware has SMBs reprioritizing their..

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Why we use Frameworks

I spend a lot of time talking with clients and in the natural course of those conversations, recommendations for improvement are a frequent topic. With the wildly varying budgetary, business, strategic, and leadership goals that an MSP like ours encounters, we also see wildly varying levels of..

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Preserving the Legacy of Joy: How Wineries Uphold Good in the Face of Digital Disruption

For vineyards around the world, there's more happening than the cultivation of the globe's finest wines. These wineries stand as beacons of joy, their products embodying the spirit of celebration, the essence of relaxation, and the genuine pleasure of life's finest moments. However, in the vast..

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