Endsight has made this list every single year since 2008. The MSPmentor 501 is an annual report from MSPmentor and publisher, Nine Lives Media. Previously known as the MSPmentor 100 report, the 2013 report has been expanded from 100 to 501 companies worldwide to reflect the following market realities:
• The MSP market is no longer a niche industry. Managed services have now gone mainstream.
• Small, midsize and large MSPs worldwide were clamoring for more detailed information about market size, competitive positioning and overall industry performance.
Endsight is pleased to say that if the MSPmentor 100 hadn't expanded, we still would have been made an honoree for both 2013 and 2014.

Companies are ranked on a range of metrics, including annual recurring revenue (ARR), total devices managed, revenue per employee, growth rates (percentage and dollar figures), and more. All financial information for non-U.S. MSPs was converted to U.S. dollars to ensure a consistent ranking methodology worldwide. your social media marketing partner
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